Rainlands Reviews {March 2022} Check If It Is Legit!

Rainlands Online Website Reviews

If you are fascinated by the shoes and products offered by this website. Then please read this article based on Rainlands Reviews and know its legitimacy.

By reading this article, you will get to know all about Rainlands.comWhether this website is legit or not? Can you trust this website selling footwear for both men and women? If you are also interested in knowing about this website, go through the full article. 

In this article, we will provide all the necessary details about this site that provides footwear at affordable rates and will help you know the legitimacy. 

People belonging to the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the United States are confused about using this site. So to inquire more about Rainlands Reviewsread below. 

What is Rainlands.com?

Rainlands.com is an online e-commerce store that sells footwear for both men and women. We get to see a variety of products on the website with reasonable offers by the company. 

The website has been divided into different categories like Bestsellers, winter, shoes, and clothing. Products including shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, jackets, and many more can be seen available on this site. 

The website’s interface seems reasonable, but the website is slow to process. As this website is new, many people are eager to know that Is Rainlands LegitSo read the below specification about this site. 

Specifications of Rainlands.com. 

  • Website’s URL: https://www.rainlands.co.uk
  • Website’s Offerings: shoes and clothes
  • Domain registration date: June 17, 2021
  • Order processing: 2-4 days
  • Shipping period: not mentioned
  • Order cancellation: available
  • Return policy period: 45 days
  • Company’s address: mentioned on the website
  • Company’s email address: support@rainlands.co.uk
  • Contact no : +447723598988
  • Shipping charges: not specified
  • Payment modes: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Amex. 

Read the below pros and cons of this website and know whether this website is authentic or not based on Rainlands Reviews.

Pros of using Rainlands.com: 

  • A good variety of products is offered by the company
  • HTTPS protocol is followed 
  • Xolphin XXL certificate is valid.
  • We can also see an active Facebook page 
  • The website provides free shipping on 2 orders

Cons of using Rainlands.com:

  • We cannot see any feedback or reviews provided by customers on the web
  • The website also obtained a deficient trust rank, i.e., 1% 
  • the popularity of this site is too low
  • the website has not provided information like shipping charges, shipping time etc.

Is Rainlands Legit

There are a considerable amount of fraud portals and websites on the internet, and these websites provide reasonable offers to attract innocent customers. 

So every user should go through an in-depth review or analysis of a website they are shopping from. So here are some legitimacy points of this site: 

  • The domain of Rainlands.com was created on 17 June 2021, so we can consider this website 9 months old from now. 
  • We found a Facebook page linked with this website. 
  • We can consider this site unsafe as it obtained a 1% trust rank.
  • We also could find no availability of Rainlands Reviews on the internet.
  • The popularity of this site is also shallow.
  • The site does not mention many details like shipping time, owner’s details, and shipping charges. 
  • The website has provided an image to showcase the address and contact details.
  • The website is also laggy and takes time to open.

So by reading the above points, we can say that this website is currently unsafe to use and should be avoided by customers. 

However, if you still want to shop from here, go through the below customer reviews about this site. 

What are Rainlands Reviews?

To gain trust for a new website, customers try to go through the reviews and feedback provided by the previous users and shoppers. So that they can know customers’ experiences like product quality, user experience, shipping time, etc. 

So, we searched on different reviewing platforms to gather some reviews about his site, but we did not get a single review about this site.

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The Last Words

After going through all the details about this website, considering Rainlands Reviews, we can say that you should not use this website as of now as this website lacks many legitimacy   points. 

It is too early to conclude anything about this website. Please write your feedback related to this article in the comment section. 

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