Javon Walton Alicia Keys {March} Whats Their Connection?

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Read this article about Javon Walton Alicia Keys until the end to know how the Walton family is related to Alicia Key.

Javon Walton is the son of DJ Walton, and Jessica Walton is Javon’s mother. Javon was born in July 2006, and he is currently sixteen years old. Javon became popular due to his hard work as a gymnast and boxer. 

Javon’s fans in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia wanted to know about his father’s role in Javon’s career and how DJ is related to Alicia Keys? Read below to learn about Javon Walton Alicia Keys.

Javon’s family:

Javon’s elder sister is Jayla, who is seventeen years old. Jayla is an actor who was a part of the Utopia series also starring Javon.

Javon has a twin brother Jaden, a basketball player, and also featured with Javon on many modeling events.

Javon’s younger brother is Daelo. He is seven years old. Daelo had shared the stage with Javon in the Euphoria episodes.

Javon’s career:

Before starring as an actor, Javon was a boxer and a gymnast. It is a fact that he was the only contestant that had qualified for Junior Olympics in both gymnastics and boxing at an early age.

About Javon Walton Dad:

  • DJ used to work for Ball4Real Streetball tour as a tour director in 2006 and parallelly served as the president of FTGU Music. 
  • DJ was a board of director in USA boxing. 
  • DJ owns a boxing gym and works as a coach. 
  • DJ is also co-founder of OnWard, selling sports equipment, clothing, and accessories. 
  • DJ also used to run a non-profitable organization to help youngsters in goal setting.

Javon’s Achievements:

He was trained with a singular arm and won Olympic gold as a gymnast. Additionally, in boxing, Javon had won several championship titles. Further, learn more about Javon Walton Alicia Keys. Javon is currently focusing on boxing and gymnastic training to prepare for the upcoming Olympics in 2024.

Javon’s entry in TV shows:

Television media had recognized his talents, and Javon had appeared in Steve Harvey. Later, Jennifer Venditti, a casting director, was impressed with his boxing style and contacted DJ Walton for his permission to cast Javon in the Euphoria series.

DJ and Alicia:

In 2009, DJ founded AK Worldwide event management company. AK Worldwide had managed many events for Alicia and Britney.

DJ is responsible for Ms. Keys performance, events, and appearances worldwide by establishing strategic partnerships; answering the link of Javon Walton Alicia Keys.

An app and a book inspired by Alicia Keys relationship with her grandmother was created by DJ, Jessica, and Alicia.

However, Javon’s interest in boxing and gymnastics started at the age of two when he saw a performance of Manny Pacquiao and Jayla Excel.


Javon credits his father DJ for training and support that made him progress in acting and, more specifically, boxing and gymnastic. In addition, DJ had provided immense support to his children to advance in acting and sports. As a result, Javon and his siblings are sporty, and DJ had personally trained Javon and Jaden.

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