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Are you interested in reading conspiracy theories to understand the truth? Then, read about Kopfw9233 Wixsite com Deconstruct that hosts such ideas.

Are you interested in knowing hypotheses of the actual world that are pointed out by many intellectuals from the United States as hidden agenda of the government? Citizens vote for a government and trust their actions. The new laws passed, the improvement made in the education system, etc., looks like good work done. But, what is happening in reality? Are the government and the elites remodeling the society?

Let’s scrutinize Kopfw9233 Wixsite com Deconstruct in all aspects.

What is kopfw9233.wixsite.com/Deconstruct?

It is a group of interlinked web pages hosted on kopfw9233.wixsite.com, famously accessed as DECONSTRUCT pages. DECONSTRUCT is the actual web page trying to make people aware that the government is planning the worst things that cannot be imagined irrespective of how much people are aware of the history and current times. It consists of web pages which proves that the education system is getting remodeled to indoctrinate, films aim to re-engineer society instead of providing entertainment, and the news media is trying to safeguard the government and corrupt elites.

Content of Kopfw9233 Wixsite com Deconstruct:


This section on the website is still under construction. 

Video Archive:

This section consists of the following videos:

  • Hegelian Dialectic
  • Depopulation
  • Shaping the Post COVID-19 World 
  • Opposing mandatory vaccination
  • Big Pharma infiltrates mental health
  • Confused media
  • Deadliest vaccine
  • Human Origins 
  • NSSM: 200
  • Jab destroys natural immunities 
  • Prepare for what’s coming 
  • Rural Containment. 
  • Secret Societies and Ancient History 
  • The Great Reset
  • The Transhumanist motivations of the elite
  • Utopia

The website also has a blogging section where users discuss various topics.

NWO Documents:

This section contains documentary evidence and pictures Kopfw9233 Wixsite com Deconstruct. Some of the documents are:

  • Future of Technology
  • World Population Plan
  • Crimson Contagion
  • Agenda 2030
  • Atlantic Council
  • Countering Domestic Terrorism
  • Cyber Polygon
  • HR 666
  • Dark Winter
  • Clade X and many more


  • Phone number – not provided
  • Email Address – not provided
  • Contact person – not provided. 
  • Website Type – awareness website
  • Address of Website – https://kopfw9233.wixsite.com/deconstruct
  • Content Originality – Original
  • Terms and Conditions – not provided


  • Access to priceless content banned on YouTube, Facebook and other sites
  • Videos from former workers exposing the government and organizations


  • Highly influential content enough to program your thoughts
  • The authenticity of content on Kopfw9233 Wixsite com Deconstruct is not guaranteed
  • Such controversial content may further lead to violence instead of revolution.


  • Website Age – 8th May 2012
  • EXPIRY – 8th May 2022
  • Website Trust Score –  40% (Average)
  • Linking to Social Media – links for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are working. But, the social media pages are associated with WIX. These pages are not associated with DECONSTRUCT posts. The web page designer had taken undue advantage by linking social media icons to WIX.
  • Website Popularity – 3863683 (Poor)
  • Owner Contact Details – not provided. However, the video archive shows an unidentified individual featured in many videos, which might be the owner.
  • Kopfw9233 Wixsite com Deconstruct Domain Blacklist Status – Not detected


Reviews for kopfw9233.wixsite.com/DECONSTRUCT are unavailable on reliable websites. However, please be aware that you will come across reviews for WIXSITE and other web pages hosted on it while searching for reviews.

Final Verdict

It is a revolutionary website trying to expose and deconstruct the government’s lies, influential organizations and elites. It serves as a platform for documentary evidence and videos of government and private workers who are revealing the hidden agenda against the basic structure of society. Such videos show how innocent civilians are programmed on Kopfw9233 Wixsite com Deconstruct. It seems a legitimate website.

Which conspiracy theory  impressed you? Let us know about such an approach.

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