Puricare Lg Mask Price [June] Check Now if it is Legit!

Puricare Lg Mask Price [June] Check Now if it is Legit! >> Read here to get the details of Air purifier Mask and see if it’s useful or not.

Hey guys, are you in search of an LG Mask air purifier? If yes, read this content to know completely about the Puricare Lg Mask.

We are here to share Puricare Lg Mask Price across India, what this product is, its usage, reviews and its legitimacy. So check out all the details and clear your queries if you have any regarding the Puricare Lg Mask going through this entire write-up!

What Is Puricare Lg Mask?

Lg Puricare is a wearable air purifier Mask. It allows individuals to breathe easily by filtering out 99% of the harmful unwanted particles present in the air and provides filtered and fresh air to breathe in. So the Mask allows better breathing easily. 

Check out Puricare Lg Mask Price Details And other of its specifications given down. The Mask has respiratory sensors that detect the volume and cycle of the individual breath. Additionally, it carries a dual-fan inverter that automatically adjusts the fan’s speed and according to the need.

This Mask is ergonomic designed, which allows it to fit and get sealed into the individual’s face to avoid air leakage through the chin and nose. The Mask machine parts can be replaced to keep it clean and use repeatedly. It carries washable pads and disposable filters too.

Puricare Lg Mask Price And Other Specifications:

 The product name description is LG Puricare wearable air purifier 

  •  The product carries respiratory sensors and dual fan inverters
  •  It has H13 Hepa Filters
  •  The product carries one year warranty 
  •  The Mask dimension is 156×110×63
  •  The product cost around $1180 at a hktv mall store
  •  The origin of the Lg PuriCare wearable air purifier is Korea
  •  It’s made of silicone medical grade
  •  The Puricare Lg Mask comes in white color only

Pros Of Puricare Lg Mask:

 The Mask Lg PuriCare wearable provides filtered and fresh air to breathe 

While finding Puricare Lg Mask Price, we got to see that this product shows its existence on Facebook and Instagram 

  • The Mask carries replacement parts for repeated use after cleaning 
  • It’s designed ergonomically 
  • The product has disposable filters and washable pads

Cons Of Puricare Lg Mask:

  • The Puricare Lg Mask seems not to be available in Indian stores
  • The Puricare Lg Mask is expensive to have as it may cost you $299 or more than this
  • The product carries an unsatisfactory number of likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram 
  • The Puricare Lg Mask is available in white color only
  • The product doesn’t claim that it’s an effective Mask to protect one’s against covid19 

Is Puricare Lg Mask Legit?

Besides knowing Puricare Lg Mask Price, let’s glimpse the Puricare Lg Mask facts and check if the product is legit or a scam.

  • The Mask provides filtered and fresh air to breathe in
  • The Puricare Lg Mask is the costlier one
  • The Puricare Lg Mask lacks proper feedback from customers 
  • The Puricare Lg Mask doesn’t claim that it is covid19 effective 
  • The product is currently out of stock in some of the stores.
  • The product has received no good amounts of likes and comments from social media handles 
  • So at this point, it’s confusing to make any comments on product legitimacy as it has got equal pros and drawbacks. Want to know if the product is genuine or not? Read here:

What Are Puricare Lg Mask Reviews Shared By The Buyers?

While finding Puricare Lg Mask Price, we also tried to gather the reviews that have been shared regarding this Product online. But sadly, we didn’t found out proper customer comments about the Puricare Lg Mask. We came across a few of the articles regarding the product only.

Furthermore, we explored the social media platforms where we got product presence and tried to search out people’s comments to it, but again, the product has not collected enough likes and comments on Facebook as well as Instagram.


Puricare Lg Mask Price differs from store to store as we got to see some online retailers store are selling this product a bit cheaper than others. 

Try to get more legit points about the product yourself and then make any purchase regarding the same. Want to know the product price on ebay store? Read here:

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