Lucid Dream Mask Reviews [June] See if it is Legit!

Lucid Dream Mask Reviews [June] See if it is Legit! >> Want to have lucid dreams and sound sleep at night? Read the content and get the details of the product.

Dreams are the important part of healthy sleep. But, unfortunately, Worldwide, most people cannot have a proper sleep at night, which further affects their well-being.

So, to introduce you to a dream mask that can give sound sleep in the night, we are here with today’s content. You might be well-known with sleeping pills that claim to provide you with proper sleep, but they are harmful too.

Therefore we will check the legitimacy of the sleeping mask by exploring Lucid Dream Mask Reviews. But, first, let’s get to know about the product.

What is a Lucid Dream Mask?

To introduce people to a healthy sleeping Lucid Dream Mask is produced by the Remee. The customizable light signals attached to the mask helps to open the world of lucid dreams for the individuals. 

The mask is made with advanced technology that uses timers to produce patterns for your REM cycles as it is the place where all the dreams usually occur. Moreover, we can adjust them as per the need. It can be slow, fast, gentle, dim or bright.

Are you interested in knowing about Lucid Dream Mask Reviews? To hear the buyers’ feedback, we need to collect some more details of the product.

What’s the unique feature of the Dream Mask?

Lucid Dream mask is different from other ordinary sleeping masks available in the market. As we all sleep in our way, Remee offers special online tools to personalize our dream signal according to the pattern, brightness, and timing.

In this, we will have our own Dream Mask that that gives intense brightness to your dreams.

Specifications of Lucid Dream Mask

  • Type of product – a mask that provides sound sleep
  • Colour – Red
  • Cost – $48.90
  • Manufactured by – Remee
  • Dimensions – 8.6 x 4.5x 1.1 inches
  • Lucid Dream Mask Reviews – Available
  • Weight of the product – 4.8 ounces

Pros of Lucid Dream Mask

  • This sleeping mask contains all types of patterns which can be adjusted as per your dreaming signal.
  • The double inner layer increases its durability, while the soft outer layer of the mask makes it easy for individuals to wear.
  • The flexible circuit attached to the mask gets bent as per the shape of the head without getting damage.
  • The mask contains small coin-sized batteries, which makes it a lightweight device.
  • Most of the people have shared Lucid Dream Mask Reviews online.

Cons of Lucid Dream Mask

  • The intense pattern of the mask sometimes disturbs the sleep cycle.
  • The mask has a red colored light that does not calm the eyes.

Is Lucid Dream Mask Legit?

As you now are aware that how much importance does sleep plays in maintaining our health. So, to shop for this product, you must have a clear view of its trustworthiness.

  • This sleeping mask was offered by Remee on 5 December 2017. 
  • The buyers put down Lucid Dream Mask Reviews.
  • The mask is available on a trusted platform named Amazon with full details and images of the product.
  • The dream mask has been awarded 2.7 stars out of five, indicating most people were not satisfied after the purchase.
  • The Lucid Dream Mask has its Facebook page, but not many people have liked it.
  • Moreover, Lucid Sleep mask is ranked 211 among the best sleeping masks available in the market.

Analyzing all these facts, we consider the product as legit, but it’s not much popular in the market. Therefore, it would be better to know people’s feedback before purchasing.

What are Lucid Dream Mask Reviews?

The buyers put down the feedback, but sadly, only 18% of the people have rated the sleeping mask with five stars. However, customers had started remembering their dreams and appreciated the concept behind the mask. 

Flashing light on the negative views shared by the customers, according to them, the mask is a wastage of money as it does not last long for more than 24 hours, and no lucid dreams were seen. Moreover, the red coloured lights cause disturbance in sleep.

So, we can view that people have come with different opinions about the product.

Read to know how sleep and memory go hand in hand and gather some interesting facts about the sleep cycle.


We explored all the features of the sleeping mask offered by Remee. If you are interested in purchasing, then look over all the Lucid Dream Mask Reviews to make a wise decision.

Learn to check the authenticity of the product by reading here.

Have you tried any other sleeping mask earlier? Share your views in the comment box.

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