Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda (Aug 2021) Steps To Register!

Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda (Aug 2021) Steps To Register! >> Get more detailed information about the vaccination drive run by the government and register for your dose of vaccination against Covid 19.

One of the most significant calamities that humans are facing right now is undoubtedly is Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has gripped the world so tight and impacted many of us in one way or the other. 

However, compared to the efforts of frontline fighters of this pandemic, such as healthcare workers and government bodies, what we endure is half of it. And their efforts are still ongoing with vigour to provide vaccination to everyone. One such effort in the Philippines paved the way to the creation of the platform Proudmakatizen Com. 

Hence let’s get more details about Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda. 

About the Proudmakatizen Com

The website is an initiative to systematize getting vaccinated for the people of the Philippines, specifically for the people of Makati city. The website has all the necessary information about the vaccination process and the details related to the registration for the vaccine. 

The website was established on 18 April 2020, and the home page has eight service options to select. The platform is also known for providing information about government plans and upcoming programs. The citizens are asked to register on the website to keep in touch with the updates and vaccines.

Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda

One of the service options among the other options on the official website is Ayuda Makati. The word Ayuda is a Filipino word that stands for help or to aid. 

The literal translation of the option is ” help or to aid Makati, ” which explains that the option helps people affected by the pandemic in any way possible by providing necessary resources. The Ayuda is based in the clear lines of the Department of social welfare and development guidelines.  

By now, the Makati city officials stated that they had given 52% of the financial aid or Ayuda to receptors. Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda has given 230,000 Makatizens the necessary financial aid. 

Steps to Register For Ayuda

Now to apply for the Ayuda, there are specific steps that the individual will have to follow. These steps are to be done carefully and methodically to submit the form to avail Ayuda services successfully. Therefore, the steps are: 

  • The first step is to have a Gcash account and then visit the official website of Proudmakatizen.
  • On the website, select the Ayuda Makati option and type in the asked details, such as your first name and the last name. 
  • Tap on the search button in the Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda and fill out the application form. 
  • After the details are filled in, click submit, and you will be given an ID. Keep this ID with you so that you can track your application progress. 

The Final Thoughts

In conclusion to the summarized details about the Proudmakatizen Ayuda, we would say that the idea behind the initiative is noble and necessary for the people at these challenging times. 

Furthermore, the government’s will to support the population of the city drastically affected by the impact of the pandemic is a breath of fresh air and responsible action. However, like every initiative, Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda also has some glitches that people could overlook, given its positive impact. Read here if you want to know why getting vaccination of Covid 19 is essential? 

What are your views about the Ayuda program, and is there any suggestion for improvement? Let us know in the comments section what you think.  

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