How to Use Powerful Tool to Make Advertisement Online for Free   

Are you ready to boost your sales and revenue? It is time to get serious with your online advertisement. Your targeted customers may be worldwide. The good news is you do not need out-of-the-world experience or skills and an enormous expense to make advertisement videos.

All you need is a powerful tool. What is the most powerful tool to make adverts online for free? Read on to find the answers you need.

Doratoon: The Simple but Powerful Advertising Video Maker

Creating eye-catching video ads is a breeze with Doratoon. Doratoon makes it seamless to create compelling video ads that build brand awareness, exposure, and drive conversions.

It is time to introduce your brand and products to a global audience and video ads are the perfect way to do it. You can gain brand exposure, attract new customers, and build engagement for your brand. Doratoon lets you create an effective video ad in minutes.

What’s Unique about Doratoon?

There are tons of ad video making tools in the market, and choosing the right one can be a herculean task. You do not have to go through the stress. We have researched for you. After trying several tools, we realized that Doratoon stands out from the rest.

Its exceptional features and easy-to-use intuitive editing tools make it a must-have for every business individual. The good part is you can create free video ads on the platform seamlessly. Here are some unique features of the video maker:

  • Customizable Templates

Doratoon gives access to thousands of customizable animated video templates. You do not have to make ad video materials from scratch. You only need to select a template to customize to suit your video script. You will find aligned templates for different industries, including Marketing, Human Resources, Education, Digital Marketing, and more.

  • AI Intelligent Drawing

Making an explainer video or whiteboard animation is seamless with this feature. You can sketch what you want, and Doratoon will predict the smooth curves and keyframe positions for your drawing. With this, you can have a clean and precise line drawing for your animation. This tool also helps to select appropriate pencil thickness, colors, and animation effects.

  • Advanced Animation Effects

Users will find several advanced animation effects and motion graphics for creating animated videos on the platform. Its advancement does not mean it is difficult to use. A beginner can use this video advertising maker to create stunning video ads with minimal effort.

  • AI Dubbing and Auto Lip Sync

You do not need to record a voiceover for your video. Doratoon offers AI dubbing for the task. Upload the text to convert to speech and select your preferred voice character among dozens of choices to deliver the speech.

When you are done, use the auto lip-sync feature to sync the voiceover with your characters so it looks like they are speaking the audio.

Other features to use to make video with Doratoon to boost sales include:

  • 100M+ stock photos and video clips
  • 1000+ Animated characters with over 8000 facial expressions and actions
  • 10,000+ 2D and 3D background images
  • 10,000+ stock props
  • A huge variety of footage styles.

How to Use Doratoon to Make Advertisement Online for Free

In three easy steps, you can use Doratoon advertising video maker to create a compelling and attention-grabbing video ad to boost your company’s sales:

Step 1: Visit the Doratoon official website to create a free account.

Step 2: Select a video template that suits your industry and video concept from the huge library of customizable animated video templates.

Step 3: Using the editing tool, customize your templates. You can also import your own images and video clips. More numerous resources available on the site are waiting for you to explore and create your video ads.

When you are done making your video ads, preview them and download them on your computer if you are fine with the final creation. You can also edit and tweak your video after previewing it to make it better. After downloading the video, upload it to your social media pages. You can expect engagement and conversion right away.

Best Tips to Make Advertisement Online for Free

Studies reveal motion pictures generate more traction and engagement online. That is because videos tell stories with better visual effects. Instead of using still pictures for your advertisement online, you can create an engaging video ad for free with Doratoon.

However, before you create, here are some tips that help you make the best advertisement online:

  • Get your Scripting Right

The success of your online advertisement depends on the strength of your script. You must first decide on the message you want to communicate to your audience. Next, think of a creative concept to easily translate into a storyline that will engage your audience.

Ensure you have a short script with a start, middle, and end. The start introduces the problem and must grab your viewers’ attention. The middle must generate interest enough to retain the attention of your viewers. End the script with a call to action. Aim for a maximum of 30 seconds.

  • Keep your Message Simple

Focus on a simple message and avoid confusing your audience with several messages at the same time. Your audience wants to see and hear what is important to them. If you must communicate more than a message, do not make it more than two in a single video.

Final Thoughts

The best advertisement all starts with scripting. If you get your scripting right, Doratoon will handle the rest. With this software, you can create a storyboard to see how your video will look at the end.

You can tweak and adjust your concepts and images to suit your communication needs without stress. Doratoon is undoubtedly a top solution for how to make video advertisements.

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