What Are the Most Popular Tesla Accessories in Australia

Complete Information About What Are the Most Popular Tesla Accessories in Australia

Since 2021, Tesla had garnered a significant following in Australia, and a range of popular accessories had emerged to enhance the ownership experience for Tesla owners in the country. 

However, please note that the popularity of accessories may have evolved since then due to Tesla’s continuous innovation and customer demands. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Tesla accessories in Australia at that time, focusing on how they enhance the Tesla ownership experience.

1. Wall Connector:

Just like in other regions, the Tesla Wall Connector was a sought-after accessory in Australia. This high-power wall charger offered faster charging times for Tesla vehicles at home, making it a practical investment for those who relied on their Teslas for daily commuting or long-distance travel. The Wall Connector provided a convenient and efficient way to replenish the vehicle’s battery overnight, ensuring owners woke up to a fully charged car each morning.

2. Tesla Wireless Phone Charger: 

This accessory was a favorite among Australian Tesla owners who appreciated the convenience of wirelessly charging their compatible smartphones while driving. The Tesla Wireless Phone Charger was designed to seamlessly integrate with the Tesla’s interior, ensuring a sleek and clutter-free look while providing a functional and easy-to-use charging solution for smartphones.

3. All-Weather Floor Mats: 

Australians love their outdoor adventures, and these custom-fit all-weather floor mats were immensely popular. Designed to protect the Tesla’s interior from dirt, mud, and spills, these durable mats were especially practical for owners living in rural or beachside areas. With easy-to-clean materials, they helped keep the car’s interior looking pristine even after rough journeys.

4. Tesla Center Console Organizer:

Keeping the center console organized is essential for easy access to important items while driving. The Tesla Center Console Organizer was well-liked for its ability to tidy up the interior space, providing dedicated compartments for various items like sunglasses, coins, pens, and other small belongings. This accessory was particularly handy for busy urban dwellers who needed quick access to essentials on the go.

5. Aero Wheel Cap Kit: 

The Aero Wheel Cap Kit was popular among Australian Tesla owners who owned models with aero wheels. These custom-designed wheel caps provided a sleek and sophisticated appearance while improving aerodynamics for better efficiency. Tesla owners appreciated the stylish upgrade and the potential range benefits that came with the Aero Wheel Cap Kit.

6. Frunk Cooler Bag: 

Given Australia’s warm climate and the love for outdoor picnics and beach trips, the Frunk Cooler Bag was a hit among Tesla owners. Designed to fit perfectly in the frunk (front trunk) of Tesla models, this specialized cooler bag allowed owners to carry and keep their food and beverages cool during their journeys, making it an essential companion for road trips and weekend getaways.

7. Tesla Model-specific Car Covers: 

Car enthusiasts in Australia, particularly those who owned premium Tesla models, sought to protect their prized possessions from the elements. Tesla Model-specific Car Covers were designed to fit each Tesla model precisely, providing an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt, and environmental pollutants.

8. Tesla Roof Rack and Carrier: 

Aussies love exploring the great outdoors, and the Tesla Roof Rack and Carrier offered an excellent solution for transporting additional cargo like bicycles, surfboards, and camping gear. Tesla’s sleek and aerodynamic design made it a popular choice for adventure seekers who wanted to customize their Teslas for their specific needs.

9. J1772 Adapter: 

In Australia, as in other countries, the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) was expanding rapidly. The J1772 Adapter was a valuable accessory for Tesla owners, enabling them to charge their vehicles at standard J1772 charging stations found in various public locations and charging networks across the country.

10. USB Hub and Accessories: 

Tesla owners in Australia sought to maximize connectivity and charging options for their devices. The USB Hub and Accessories offered expanded USB ports and adapters, allowing users to charge multiple devices simultaneously and enjoy additional connectivity options while on the road.

11. Enhanced Autopilot Upgrades: 

While not a physical accessory, the Enhanced Autopilot feature was highly sought after by Tesla owners in Australia. This software upgrade offered advanced driver-assistance capabilities, including features like Autosteer, Navigate on Autopilot, and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. With Enhanced Autopilot, driving became more convenient and safer, especially during long highway journeys.

In conclusion, Australia embraced Tesla’s electric vehicles with enthusiasm, leading to a growing demand for various accessories to enhance the ownership experience. From charging solutions and organization tools to convenience-enhancing upgrades and adventure-ready accessories, Australian Tesla owners had a wide array of popular accessories to choose from to customize and optimize their Teslas. 

However, given the dynamic nature of the market, it’s essential to check the latest information from Tesla’s official website or local retailers to stay updated on the most popular Tesla accessories in Australia.

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