Proper Charging for Your Electric Scooters: Original Chargers Only

If you have just gotten yourself a battery-charging scooter, you have come to the right place. You must know how to properly charge your electric scooter so that it never gives up on you! The best way to make sure that your scooter is being taken care of is to use the original electric scooter charger. This will ensure that the scooter battery charge is long-lasting and effective.

Battery-charging scooters usually have a very simple way of recharging. However, there are a few things that every rider should be aware of.

In today’s article, we will be discussing the proper charging for your electric scooters and the importance of original chargers. We will also be going over the prominence of voltage and amperage. Along with all this, some safety hazards should be kept in mind, which will be highlighted here.

With an electric battery scooter, it is integral that the concept of overcharging is introduced. The electric scooter battery charge is a very key component of its features. The Varal Pegasus is a dual-motor electric scooter that has a 48V lithium battery which is the highlight of its specs.

Below is an attempt to brief every rider on how they should charge e-scooters. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Why We Need to Use the Original Chargers

Your battery is the foundation of your electric scooter. So, to keep your ride in mint condition, you must keep its battery in check. One of the most fundamental steps in doing so is to make sure that you charge your e-scooter properly. And the most basic aspect of doing so is to use the original electric scooter charger.

Your battery-charging scooter has a certain specification on which its entire design is based. This also includes the charger that comes with it. If you try using an off-brand charger to charge your e-scooter, there are chances that it might not be compatible with your bike. This would give rise to several problems.

Many riders tend to use off-brand chargers to ‘save’ the original charger. This is not a good practice and harms your battery-charging scooter. Using the original charger will facilitate your electric scooter for heavy adults in performing its best.

A good example of this is the Varla Eagle One which has a 52V battery that allows it to reach up to 40 miles in its eco-mode. The Eagle One has two charging ports that make sure that your battery is always up to the mark. This 14×7 lithium-ion battery allows the Eagle One to hit a maximum speed of up to 40 Mph with a climbing angle of 30 degrees!

You Need to Know About Voltage (v) And Amperage (a) Before Charging


Essentially, voltage is the amount of current that circulates in a circuit. For instance, a battery that operates at 54V needs a charger of the same voltage.

This is also an important reason why your electric scooter charger should be the original one. There are 6 categories of varying voltages for batteries: 36V, 48V, 52V, 60V, 72V, 84V.


In really simple terms, amperage is the amount of current that would pass through any second through any given point in the circuit. It is measured in Amperes (A). The greater the amperage of your electric scooter battery, the quicker it will charge! 

Therefore, higher amperage is preferred for a quicker charge. Usually, electric scooters have an amperage that is varied around 2A. Nowadays, they can easily reach up to 6V.

The Risks of Using Non-original Chargers 

The risk of using non-original chargers must be identified. This is because there are several hazards attached to using off-brand chargers.

A. Electric Scooter Batteries Damage Risk 

Battery-charging scooters come with chargers that have been specifically crafted for them. These ensure that the scooter battery charge remains efficient and up to the mark. Using non-original chargers causes electric battery damage. The battery usually becomes inadequate.

B. Relevant Charging Components Risk

The relevant charging components are also at risk when using nonoriginal chargers. Your vehicle’s charging port to the socket you would be using is all potentially at stake. The wiring within your battery-charged electric scooter for adults and the connector cords are also adversely affected.

C. Fire or Other Hazards Risk 

The biggest problem that is associated with using nonoriginal chargers is fire. Along with this, electric sparks and short circuits are also a possibility that one should be wary of. The easy way to avoid these is to use original chargers and be safe.

Ensuring Optimal and Efficient Charging by Using Original Electric Scooter Chargers 

The optimal way to charge e-scooters is to avoid overcharging and complete drainage. This can be taken care of by simply making sure that you always let the battery fully charge before disconnecting the electrical supply. 

This allows the electric battery scooter to work at the most optimal level and complete its entire scooter battery charge life cycle.

How to Identify Original Electric Scooter Chargers 

For starters, understand that you do not need to search for the best charger out there because it already comes with an electric scooter for adults. However, they might tear up or just stop working. Buying a new one is a tough task. Always go for reliable, classical brands.

Pro Tip: don’t go for the looks!

Tips for Correctly Charging the Scooter With the Original Charger

A. Let Your Escooter Cool Down Before Charging

A battery-charging scooter should never be put on charge as soon as you have brought it back from a trip. The increased temperature and the input of current is a dangerous blend that will negatively affect your electric scooter.

B. Ensure That Your E Scooter and Charger Are Dry 

If your scooter has water on it from a ride in the rain, make sure you let all the water drip off. You don’t want to be plugging into a wet charging port for obvious reasons.

C. Charge in a Safe and Dry Environment 

It is preferred that when charging your electric scooter, you keep it in a cool and dry area. Direct sunlight or increased temperatures will cause the battery to overheat. Again, make sure that the environment you are charging it in is dry!

D. Turn Off Your Scooter While Charging 

When one charges an electric scooter for heavy adults, that leads to battery damage. This is because the battery life cycle gets affected, leading to quick drainage of power. 

E. Plug the Charger Into the Power Outlet First Before Connecting It to Your Scooter

It is always recommended that the charger is plugged in before it is connected to the port. This is a precautionary measure so that even if something, for instance, a spark occurs, it does not damage the scooter itself.

F. Avoid Overcharging Your Battery

Though many electric battery scooters come with inbuilt overcharging protective mechanisms, it is still important to unplug your charger as soon as the battery is full to protect it from damage.

G. Do Not Interrupt Frequently Until Fully Charged

Always let the battery fully charge before disconnecting it. This promotes its longevity and efficacy.


As discussed above, using original chargers for your scooters is of utmost importance. They ensure that the battery life of your ride is optimized. This in turn, makes your battery-charged scooter reliable.

Using original electrical battery scooters is beneficial for your scooter as it will allow your die to give its best performance every time. The maximum speed of Eagle One by Varla is 40 Mph, and it can maintain that with its world-class chargers.

The bottom line is to use your original chargers to charge e-scooters to have the best experience every time you rev the throttle!

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