Pet Sim X Value List 2021 {Feb} Get Complete Data

This article is written down to help you with the Pet Sim X Value List 2021 and all the basic, related and relevant data.

Do you know about pet simulator X, where you have to purchase eggs and hatch pets? Are you aware of its recent and incredible features? If so, your games’ selection is amazing, like many players enjoying this game Worldwide. But what after compiling these pets? Do you know that you can make money through them by exchanging them?

But for that, you need to know about Pet Sim X Value List 2021, which will guide you about the price of your pets. To understand this, proceed with reading this article- 

Why is this Trending? 

Playing pastimes and earning in-game bonuses is ordinary. But, when it comes to winning through games, it isn’t common and incredibly fascinating for the players. Pet simulator X will assist you in uncovering high-value lovelies so that you can create wealth in the game. That’s why it’s the trendiest nowadays amongst gamers. 

Below is the list to discover high-value pets. You can read out this article for more data. 

Pet Simulator X Value List

  • Marked Eggs-
  • Dalmatian- Coins
  • Raccoon- 12,500 Coins
  • Dragon- 15,00,000 Coins
  • Fox- 450 Coins
  • Coast Eggs-
  • Turtle- 1,75,000 Coins
  • Flamingo- 6,250 Coins for 3
  • Shark- 6,250 Coins for 3
  • Hydra- 6,250 Coins for 4
  • Forest Eggs-
  • Tiger- 35,000 Coins for 3
  • Dino- 35,000 Coins for 3 
  • Immortus- 35,000 Coins for 4
  • Refrigerate Eggs-
  • Seal- 80,000 Coins for 4
  • Ghostly Fox- 80,000 Coins for 4 
  • Snowman- 80,000 Coins for 4
  • Largely esteemed ones-
  • Enormous Cat- 100 Billion Gems
  • Large Pumpkin Cat- 100 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Astra- 21 Billion Gems
  • All About Pet Sim X Value List 2021

The exchanging procedure in Pet Simulator X propels it more stimulating as it enables you to spend treasures for pets and trade pets. This characteristic permits you to acquire exclusive pets with gems.

The list below will guide you to get your fantasy pet for your stock by retailing the pets you have hatched or paying for them. Now, you can compile more pets that you have never had, flip pets to earn more jewels and get your dream pet. Swapping them will award you decent wealth that you can later utilize to get more valuable pets. 

Pet Simulator X Value List continued, 

  • Cow- 450 Coins
  • Bear- 12,500 Coins 
  • Bunny- 275 Coins
  • Dog- 275 Coins
  • Cat- 275 Coins
  • Duck- 1,10,000 Coins
  • Unusual Duckling- 6,250 Coins 
  • Monkey- 35,000 Coins for 3
  • Parrot- 35,000 Coins for 3
  • Mortuus- 35,000 Coins for 5
  • Penguin- 80,000 Coins for 3
  • Polar Bear- 80,000 Coins for 3
  • There is a VIP pet also which is listed below-
  • Phoenix, which is 2700 Robux for 5. 

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As a concluding thought, this new trading system of Pet Sim X Value List 2021 is amazing if you desire to get your dream pet. We have tried to compile all the necessary data for your convenience. We expect this article was beneficial for you. 

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