Pet Simulator X Santa Paws (Jan 2022) Learn How To Obtain It?

In this Pet Simulator X Santa Paws post, we will discuss the Pet Simulator X game, and you will also learn about Santa Paws.

Do you know what Santa Paws is in Pet Simulator X game? In this post, we will discuss Santa Paws, and you will also know more about Pet Simulator X. 

The updates of games in Roblox platforms have been its popularity in the Philippines, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, the United States and many other countries. The games keep introducing new updates for its users to make them more exciting for gamers. Santa Paws is a part of the Christmas update in Pet Simulator X. 

Let us discuss Pet Simulator X Santa Paws further in this post. 

What is Pet Simulator X? 

Let us have a quick introduction to the game. Pet Simulator X is the latest and the greatest game of the Pet Simulator Series with many exciting features. In the game, you can explore an adventurous world and get to see hundreds of cool pets. 

It is the third game in the Pet Simulator series, and you can collect coins to buy eggs and hatch the eggs to get exciting pets. Different areas and places on the map have different features to keep gamers excited. 

About Pet Simulator X Santa Paws

So, Santa Paws is one of the mythical pets in the Pet Simulator X game. The Santa Paws can be obtained from the Egg of many gifts and Christmas Tree eggs. The Chances of getting this pet are almost negligible, and it is a very rare pet in the game. 

One of the most exciting features of Santa Paws is that it serves different gifts such as Diamonds, Gingerbread and Boosts to all the different players on the server. Also, note that Pet Simulator X Santa Paws is only available until the Christmas event, so get this pet as soon as you can. 

Salient Features of Santa Paws

Here are some of the characteristics of this pet in Pet Simulator X:

  • Color appearance – Santa Paws comes in three colors: regular, golden, and Dark matter.
  • Rarity – Mythical.
  • Level – -18b – 18.6b.
  • Golden Level – -54b -55.2b.
  • Dark Matter Level – -360b -368b.
  • Rainbow Level – -125b -129b.
  • Chances of getting this Egg in Egg of Many Gifts (Assumption)– 0.00863%.
  • Chances of getting this Egg in Christmas Tree Egg – 0.000158%.

By its specifications, Pet Simulator X Santa Paws looks very exciting and rare to obtain, so if you want to obtain it, you can try your luck until this Christmas Event.

The Final Verdict 

The Santa Paws is one of the rarest pets in this game. You can try your luck while hatching Egg of many gifts or Christmas Tree eggs to get this pet. To know more about the Christmas Event in Pet Simulator X, visit here.

Now that you know about Santa Paws, what are your views about it as a pet? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Also, share this Pet Simulator X Santa Paws post to inform others. 

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