Pcarfx Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Have you got the procedure to find the trustworthiness of an e-commerce portal? If not, kindly don’t delay reading the Pcarfx Reviews in detail.

Do you want to learn the reality of a website selling numerous all-important products? Then, continue reading this write-up for other details. 

A fast change in technology has provided a new and advanced marketing concept. Moreover, online communication between the buyer and seller plays a prime role. Also, the customers can enjoy shopping on sites sitting at their homes. But not all portals are reliable, so let us inquire into a United States site by focusing on Pcarfx Reviews

Kindly pay attention throughout the post to understand more facts about the website.

Summarising The Portal 

Pcarfx.com is an online store that delivers several valuable products to clients at a good margin. However, there are not a particular niche’s items over the website; but it sells a variety of things, including:

  • Hair steamer
  • Face massager
  • Wireless speaker
  • Screen projectors
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Hoverboards

Also, the website listed winter products like hand warmer devices, USB Heated sweatshirts, shoes, gloves, etc. So, let us forge ahead to determine the site’s salient points. 

Tracking Some Essential Points To Notice Is Pcarfx Legit?

  • The company is located at 1445 Woodmont Ln NW #4002 Atlanta GA 30318. 
  • The social network icons of Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, are seen.  
  • They will repay the amount within 14 days of approval for the same. 
  • Several winters, beauty and electronics products are auctioned on the website. 
  • The delivery policy is not evaluated; they only quoted that the delivery dates are approximated. 
  • If you enroll in their newsletter option, you can get their updates. 
  • The telephone number is +1 305-901-7890. 
  • This ecommerce site’s URL is https://www.pcarfx.com.
  • The Pcarfx Reviews found that several paying methods are available over the portal, including PayPal, MasterCard. 
  • You can return the goods if you have bought them within 30 days.
  • contact@pcarfx.com is the firm’s emailing address. 
  • The pointers on the exchanging items are absent. 
  • 20-09-2013 is the portal’s registration date; its expiration date is 20-09-2022. 
  • They will take 3-8 business days for shipping. 

What Do Pcarfx.com Favour?

  • The email address and phone number are noticed.
  • The website’s trust rank value is 75.7. 
  • We have determined the company’s location over the portal to find ‘Is Pcarfx Legit?’
  • For today, the company offers free shipping of parcels.

Shortcomings Of The Website 

  • A low, i.e., 40% trust score, is found. 
  • The icon’s links are false.
  • Customer feedbacks are missing on Trustpilot. 
  • The absence of the exchange and delivery policies is spotted. 

 Is Pcarfx Not Reliable?

  • Portal’s Closing Date- The website’s termination date is 20-09-2022. 
  • Trust Rank- The site has a good trust rank value. 
  • Buyer’s thinking- The shoppers’ reviews are unavailable on Trustpilot. Moreover, the invalid social links have even hampered its productivity. 
  • Domain Creation Date- The Pcarfx Reviews highlighted that from now, the site is 8 years and 3 months old because its registration date is 20-09-2013. 
  • Alexa Rank- 3088882 is its Alexa Rank value. 
  • Plagiarism percentage- 91% content is copied that exhibits suspicion. 
  • Policies stated- The delivery and exchange policies are not quoted over the site. 
  • Trust Score- The value gained is not good and repels suspicion. 
  • Discounts served- Unrealistic rebates on some products are seen.
  • Social media icons- The icons are present, but the links are broken. 
  • Address originality- Different companies are present at the address.

Consumers’ Pcarfx Reviews

We haven’t recovered any customers’ opinions regarding the items on the website. Moreover, no comments have been derived on some reviewing platforms that highlight that the site is not safe. Also, we have investigated that the portal is 8 years old, but it hasn’t gained much reputation. 

However, the concession rates on products and the absence of official social pages have conveyed that Pcarfx.com is suspicious and questionable. Thus, we urge you to search for authentic reviews for the site. Learn here if you are finding ways to prevent credit card scams


In this writing on Pcarfx Reviews post, we have extracted the history of a site to investigate and find its validity. In addition, the research has found that the portal is vending items like hoverboards, speakers, projectors, massagers, etc. 

Thus, as the domain is ancient and hasn’t received any publicity, we registered the site as suspicious and questionable. Read here to know the PayPal scams in detail.

Does the site have any reviews? If yes, then alert us below in the comment box. 

27 thoughts on “Pcarfx Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Authentic Or A Scam?”

  1. Pcarfx is a scam website that will not deliver after purchase online. The address in GA is a postal office ,.
    Do not lose your money

  2. Be careful. I got caught on a similar too good to be true site. They are popping up all over and usually marketed on FB. Luckily I paid with PayPal and was able to get my money back after a fight and proving I never received.

  3. As soon as order was submitted by an error, I tried cancelling transaction via email 4 times, VM msg and a txt msg to the number provided but no answer. Now disputing charges. Hope I hear back soon.

  4. The address is a ohysicaladdress.com virtual Addy. The sign is in the front yard lol. For me any business that is in retail and does not get their own email is a scam. I mean why would a business need a virtual mail box.

  5. Was in a hurry and purchased a humidifier from these people unfortunately before I read these reviews. I contacted my bank and PayPal immediately but too late. No I wouldn’t trust this at all!!!!!! Especially when I seen the Chinese letters appear on my PayPal transaction. STAY CLEAR!!!!!!!

  6. I’m trying to order the oculas 2 all in one kit but everytime I submit my payment it declines. I know the card is good. It’s a visa debit card that has more than enough money. Then I transfer the funds to a different card and it decline it too. I’m starting to think this really is a scam. Price definitely to good to be true.

  7. I am very unpleased with this website and my ten-year-old son I knew he was getting a hoverboard in the mail mail they have been shipped that I paid for with my MasterCard I can’t get in contact with the email tried calling the phone number I can’t get my refund it don’t give me an option this is very not nice of a company this is taught me I can’t read the reviews and details of the website get someone that can because I’m partially blind do not ever use this website

  8. I ordered from this site. I never got my order. I tried calling. They don’t answer. I sent several emails with not response. I going to request my money back from pay pal

  9. Placed an order 1/11/22 and I have not received my package. The contact number is no longer in service.

    Take a pass on this website.

    Amount: $46.32
    Keurig Coffee Pot
    Clue: Prices were a bit low vs competitors


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