Why Is Madden Named Madden (Dec 2021) Find Out Here!

The guide shares details about the famous football game series and Why Is Madden Named Madden.

The successful and exuberant National Football League coach turning into a legendary broadcaster for “Big Four” TV networks, John Madden, died at 85. He was the famous pitchman sharing his name to the most popular Madden NFL, the widely played virtual video game franchise.

According to the NFL Spokespersons, John Madden died on Tuesday morning at 85 years. 

Fox Sports premiered a documentary on the NFL coach tilted All Madden on Christmas Day. Later his name was used for the NFL-based video game. So, many fans in the United States and Canada want to know Why Is Madden Named Madden.      

Who is John Madden?

John Madden or Madden was the popular sports broadcaster and NFL coach from America. He served as the Oakland Rider’s head coach. Up to 10th seasons, he coached the team and escorted the team to become the champions in Super Bowl XI in 1977.

After his retirement as a head coach, John Madden started working as a NFL Telecast’s broadcaster and commentator. He served as broadcaster till 2009, and it helped him beg the 16th Sports Emmy Awards. 

Apart from his football, he is also known for lending his name to the successfully-running and popular football online game called Madden NFL. 

Why Is Madden Named Madden?

Madden NFL or John Madden Football is the American football video game series launched for EA Sports by EA Tiburon. The football video game is named after the professional Football Hall of Fame coach and the color commenter, John Madden. Over 250 million copies of the game have been sold to date.

The first video game series featuring the football personality was launched in 1988 for the PC running on MS-DOS. The second version was launched in 1990 for the gaming consoles, including Sega genesis platforms and Super Nintendo. 

But, his fans want to know Why Is Madden Named Madden. Well, there is no specific reason for it. But, it is just the name derived from John Madden, a famous football coach, and TV color commentator. Since EA Sports holds exclusive licensing rights with NFL, they used his name for the football video game series, making it the only American football game with all teams of NFL and their players. 

What are the Other Reasons to use His Name?

There are many good reasons Why Is Madden Named Madden.

John Madden was the 2nd most winning NFL head coach by win percentage. John was also a famous and renowned TV football commentator with a colorful persona.

Trip Hawkins, the EA founder, approached John to endorse EA and asked for his expertise in developing a version of the game in 1984. John contributed to the game by giving his voice to the game series for several years. 

So, hopefully, it is clear Why Is Madden Football Game Named After Madden. He was directly linked in the development of the original football game series, and until he died, he consulted on the development, so his name was used.


Hopefully, it is clear Why Is Madden Named Madden. Since he was a famous football head coach with a maximum number of wins and a popular color commentator, his name is used for the American football game series. 

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