Online TKL Revenue {March 2022} Learn If You Can Trust It!

Online Tkl Revenue is about a newly launched website that claims to provide commission and earnings by doing some simple tasks, read here to know in-depth.

There are numerous ways available now to make money online these days. People also search for new ways to aid their income and find secondary sources.

Are you looking for ways to generate revenues online? Have you heard of TKL Revenue? It is an e-commerce service platform launched in South Africa. If you want to know about it and what people are saying about it in the countries like, Lesotho, Swaziland, the United States and the United Kingdom, continue to read about Online TKL Revenue.

What is TKL Revenue?

Takealot Online Earnings or TKL Revenue is established in 2018, as mentioned on the website. It is an online group with a new business system to earn money once the task is complete. It claims to be a great way to help merchants submit virtual transactions and receive a commission.

According to the company, they receive orders from major platforms. The transaction management system automatically compares the data and returns the commission within two minutes of work. You only need a smartphone to earn commission anywhere and anytime.

Who Owns TKL Revenue?

As per the sources and online posts, Griffith and Antony Muller are founders of Online TKL Revenue. However, in general, it is a joint platform so the company does not have a CEO. But, for the owners, no information is mentioned on the website, which creates suspicion.

How Do You Make Money From This Platform?

When you are a member of this platform, you earn interest daily (minimum deposit is R300). You can visit their official website to create an account and sign up. The tasks assigned are very simple.

  • Withdraw Rules 

Minimum withdrawal is R200 within 48 hours after the account is received from Monday to Friday.

  • Recharge Rule 

The minimum recharge is R300 on Online TKL Revenue credited within 24 hours and can recharge all day from Monday to Sunday.

You can also hit “newbie help” on their official website to know registration steps, deposits and withdrawal rules and follow different tutorials.

Is This Platform Legit?

  • The Website Launched: 9th August 2021
  • Expires on:2022-08-09
  • Updated on: 2021-08-09
  • Popularity: low traffic
  • Trust Score: 1%
  • Trust Rank: 0.8/100
  • Customer Reviews: Mixed reviews on online platforms
  • Social Media: The Facebook page is found for this website during our research.

Considering the above facts, we can say that the owner is hiding the identity, and the website has been registered recently. So, the website seems questionable. We advise our readers to sign up on this website at their risk.

What Are People Saying About Online TKL Revenue?

While some users in the countries like Nigeria, Namibia, Canada, Mozambique, consider it a complete scam, others say it is trustworthy, and you can earn money through this platform. The happy one says they can withdraw the payment on the same day. On Trustpilot, this platform has got 3.6/5-star ratings. 

But some people believe having a WhatsApp group is not a big deal and does not certify the business legitimacy. Technically speaking, due to the poor design of the website, it loses its credibility.

Some More Information And Details

During our research for this platform and is TKL Online Revenue legit query; we have found a similar website with an identical interface – This website’s domain was established on 7th Aug 2021 and will expire on 7th Aug 2022. The trust rank of this platform is 0.5/100, and the trust score is 1%. 

As far as reviews for this website are concerned, one user stated that this is a scam website and has no affiliation with the original Takealot.

The Final Words

On ending this, we warn our readers not to invest their time in this platform. As seen above, Online TKL Revenue is too new to gain trust, and receiving payment seems a complete trap. You can search alternate legit sources which actually provide real money. Visit here to learn more about the legitimacy of this platform.

What was your experience with this platform? Tell your views and share them with other readers. Also Read : – How To Get Mosaic In Merge Mansion (Nov) Method Detailed

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30 thoughts on “Online TKL Revenue {March 2022} Learn If You Can Trust It!”

  1. For starters, TKL is not about watching videos or liking posts. You sign up and they supply you with your R300 to begin with. They give you the 300 and you have to log in everyday for 16 tasks which doesn’t take you 5 minutes. After 16 days, the R300 which they gave and on which you made a commission then expires. Within that 16 days your commission is about R100 and then if you deposit your R300, you make commission on that. If you feel to deposit your own R300 with their R300 the first days, you make more commission and can make it up to the next levels. Every level has a higher commission and if you are really patient, you can make a whole lot of money. It will not come in a month or two or even 6 months but in my opinion you will get there in a year. So after all, you won’t loose any money if you deposit nothing and if you are where I am, deposited R300 and it’s a scam, you will loose only that R300. If you take the chance and work everyday by clicking the buttons and it’s a scam, you will loose nothing but your 5 minutes a day. You won’t loose what you didn’t put in and people who make a lot of money in a month or two, it’s them who deposits thousands of rands because they earn so much more interest on their deposits and can earn thousands in a day. But I am careful. If it’s a scam, I will only loose my R300 which I deposited. So I will be patient and do my tasks every day and earn my way through without putting more money in. Let’s see if my money can work it’s way through in a years time. I would be happy. It’s money I didn’t have and if I loose it, I will be fine because I didn’t have it in the first place.

    • Hello Cecilia, Do you able to login into the account? We have seen many people are facing issues with log in. Please help others with their issues. But it’s highly recommended to stay alert. Please update needful information here. Thanks in advance. Take care.

  2. When does this lucky order thing end because we cannot withdraw or complete our tasks our money is frozen in Tkl we cannot take out our money

  3. You are only using watsapp to send your daily proof of tasks.
    It’s an online revenue not watsapp. Watsapp groups are for the different teams to chat to send proof and Q&A

    • This is a scam. You cannot make any withdrawal. All TKL accounts are frozen. They just want you to invest into TKL however for the last 2 weeks theres been ongoing issues with withdrawal and the lucky order is another way to get you to deposit. Please do not invest in this fraud company company. Lots of people money were stolen.

      • Hello Mishqah, Yes, accounts are frozen. Rightly said, it’s a fraud company and all stay aware of such people. At last, you will disappointed. No one will bother about it. It’s a humble request to be alert and cautious. Thanks. Take care.

    • Hello T Moyo, Looking for all the views it seems scam. It feels sad to hear about such incidents. The people are losing their money. Your update will help the buyer to save money in the future. Hope to get your money back. Take care.

  4. Apparently I recently found out that all withdrawal were stopped since the 16th November. Any withdrawal made thereafter will not be processed as TKL accounts are frozen and are under investigation at the moment. Unfortunately I was also a victim of this scam. Luckily I never invested alot of money into this however I was never able to make a withdrawal. At the end of the day no amounts of money is big or small, it’s our hardwork money that these scammers are taking away from us. I also made a withdrawal on the 26th November and I’m still waiting. The money I invested including the commission made is stuck in the TKL account. Honestly speaking I highly doubt we will be getting our money. Rumours are that all of the money have been utilized or moved over into an off shore bank account which isn’t traceable and there is no way we can retrieve our money.

  5. Too good to be through, since there was this lucky order thing we could not ve able to complete our task instead they wanted us to give them another money . Wow👏👏👏 to that now they are gone, we cannot even login. Where are they now. Those Admin are no where to be found.

    • Hello Ncebsi, it’s very disappointing and feels sad. The people are trapped and no concerned person is in the mood to help. Its request, stay away. Be careful with such portals. Please update if you get any feedback. Thanks and Regards. Take care.

  6. Scammers don’t ever fall into their lies they lie every day come with new stories each and every day they scammed poor people their last money.

    • Hello, Violet, yes, you said it truth. Thanks for the information. The scammers have several tricks to cheat and they don’t bother about it. They showcase many reasons and earn money. So, it can be highly advisable to go for genuine ones. Be careful. Take care. Thanks.


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