Doomwalker Wow Anniversary {Nov} Find Celebration Detail

This article describes a jubilee celebration conducted by an online multiplayer gaming platform that rewards its users. Read on Doomwalker Wow Anniversary.

Are you a fan of famous online multi-player role-playing games? If yes, you might have heard about the recent celebration programs conducted by a popular game publisher. Different rewards are given to the gamers for their involvement in making this gaming series a massive success. 

Members of the online gaming community from the United States are highly excited about the programs and packages provided by the developers as a part of their celebration. Read this article completely to understand all relevant information about Doomwalker Wow Anniversary.

About World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) was released in 2004 by the popular American game publisher and developer company Blizzard Entertainment. The major designers involved in this gaming project are Jeff Kaplan, Rob Pardo and Tom Chilton. These gaming series are available for both macOS and Microsoft Windows.

The most attractive feature of this game was it supported multiplayer mode. The user can use this mode to compete with other major online gamers and improve their gaming skills and rankings. Competing with more skilled players helps new players increase their experience points which help to improve their gaming skills.

Doomwalker Wow Anniversary

  • World of Warcraft is celebrating its 17th anniversary from 15th November to 6th December 2021. The WOW platform users are provided with official mail about the gift package as a reward for the gamers.
  • The gift package consists of two-hundred Timewarped Badges and an official invitation to start a new quest from the Timewalkers. These rewards have the potential to earn more gaming points.
  • Another feature includes Chromie, available from the prestigious Caverns of Time, celebration-based firework and another package to increase the reputation and experience gain of the user by 17%.

Celebration Packages and its Cost

  • Doomwalker Wow Anniversary Celebration package, for gaining an additional 17% reputation and experience cost fifteen coppers.
  • Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses that are used for appearance cost two hundred Timewarped Badges.
  • Celebration Wand for Gnoll, a consumable that enables a party member to wear Gnoll costume, costs twenty-five Timewarped Badges.
  • Corgi Pup makes a battle pet more aerodynamic costs two hundred Timewarped Badges.
  • Celebration Wand for Murloc, consisting of Murloc costume, cost twenty-five Timewarped Badges.
  • The Celebration Wand for Quilboar that is based on the Quilboar costume costs twenty-five Timewarped Badges. 
  • All costumes help to modify the outlook of the gaming characters by providing a unique appearance. Know more on Doomwalker Wow Anniversary.
  • Celebration Wand for Trogg, based on Trogg costume, cost twenty-five Timewarped Badges.
  • It also includes the newly introduced Timeless Mechanical Dragonling that features a battle pet. The pets available consist of different dragons having different time classifications such as infinite, time-lost and timeless.
  • The user needs to have a registered account on the gaming platform to be eligible for all the above rewards.


Online multi-player games attract more new online gamers with more exciting features and reward them with valuable gaming rewards. To know more about this topic, please visit.

Have you participated in any online celebration events similar to Doomwalker Wow Anniversary? If, yes please comment on your experience below.

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