Ok Symbol Scam {Nov 2021} Know What It Spread And How!

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In this post, we have discussed the Ok Symbol Scam, which claims to symbolize white supremacy and is spreading hate.

Do you know such symbols that represent white supremacy? Have you heard of the Ok sign scam? Would you like to know more? If so, read this article.

Since 2017, a scam or propaganda relating to the Ok hand gesture has spread the message of white supremacy worldwide, especially in the United States. So, in this post, we will discuss the Ok Symbol Scam

About Ok Symbols

For years, the hand gesture that was captured on video has had a positive connotation: It is widely used to convey the message Ok or everything is good. However, it has been adopted for numerous reasons, most notably as a symbol of white supremacy. As per the Anti-Defamation League, the symbol has become an aggressive meme.

What was the origin of the Ok sign?

People have been using this gesture for millennia, typically in positive circumstances. It is utilized in sign languages for various reasons, as well as in yoga as a sign of inner perfection.

About Ok Symbol Scam

In February 2017, when an unidentified 4channer declared Operation O-KKK, advising other users that they should storm Twitter and other social media sites with the symbol, asserting that the Ok symbol is a sign of white supremacy. This is how the Ok symbol became a Scam.

The user even included a diagram illustrating how to draw the initials WP used as white power within an Ok gesture. The creator and others have offered hashtags like NotOkay and PowerHandPrivilege to help promote the scam. 

Through this scam, the 4channer tried to fool the rest of the world into assuming that the Ok gesture was a symbol of white dominance.

After the lead of the Ok Symbol Scam creator, 4channers constructed false e-mail, and Twitter handles and attacked civil rights organizations, reporters, and those with messages promoting the Ok scam. 

Some of the conspiracists may have been racists or even white supremacists, too, as portions of 4chan are a shelter for racists, as well as the social media site has been a source of supporters of the right wing portion of white nationalist movement.

Operation O- KKK’s initial launch faded away before going very far. But it began up once more in April, but this time was significantly more effective in expanding over social media and further, and the Ok Symbol Scam became famous.

How White Supremacy Symbols Like Ok Spread So Far and Wide?

White nationalist symbols and signals, on the other hand, do not gain acceptance overnight, and they expand organically over time. Even for digital symbols, the period of acceptance and expansion in use might take months or even years.


The Ok scam was one of many scams wherein 4channers erroneously attributed white supremacist connotations to seemingly benign things, symbols, and gestures to deceive liberals and persuade them to propagate false messages. Visit this News Website to know more about the Ok scam.

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