Outermoney.com Scam (Dec 2021) Decoding The Truth Here!

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This article discusses the term Outermoney.com Scam and offers all the related information about the website’s legitimacy.

The internet is full of scams and frauds looking to fool and rob users of their data. Scammers have become better at creating fraudulent websites and are making professional-looking websites to make it hard to determine whether the site can be called unsafe. 

However, many factors can help you spot a fraudulent website irrespective of how it’s maintained. Users are curious about Outermoney.com Scam and its authenticity.

Users in the United States are keen to know the truth behind this website and confirm whether it’s legitimate. Please keep reading this article to obtain the same information.

What is Outermoney?

It’s a fact that solar energy is an efficient way of generating and storing electricity and will surely help you make considerable savings on your electricity bill. Having a solar system installed at your house has numerous benefits, and it’s something you should look into if it interests you.

Outermoney is the name of a platform that’s recently put up an advertisement or a promotional article for a solar company in the United States called Energy Sage, which has made Outermoney.com Scam trendy.

Services Offered by Outermoney

  • Outermoney only contains one webpage, which is the article about Energy Sage.
  • The website doesn’t seem to have any other information or articles or details.
  • The article explicitly mentions that installing a solar system through Energy Sage will help them make considerable savings.
  • It contains a redirecting link to the official website of Energy Sage.
  • Users can make calculations about their expenditure and total savings and calculate the solar system’s potential if they install one.
  • All these metrics allow users to make an informed decision.

Is Outermoney.com Scam?

  • We have reason to believe that Outermoney is a questionable website.
  • However, we cannot say the same about the service its advertising, Energy Sage.
  • Energy Sage is a legitimate solar company in Boston, Massachusetts, in the US.
  • Outermoney, however, contains no contact information or any other crucial details.
  • The site has negligible popularity and generates very low user traffic. The domain is also not very old as it is registered on 1st April, 2021 and will expire on 1st April, 2022.
  • The site has a low trust score of 8% and a trust rank of 38.4/100 on many evaluation platforms.
  • The platform may be clickbait to Energy Sage and may make some revenue by redirecting users to the site.
  • The social media links provided are also inactive.
  • Is Outermoney.com Scam? We don’t have any valid information to confirm the same. However, due to the reasons mentioned above, it’s best to stay clear of this website.
  • Read more about spotting scams here.  

The Final Verdict         

Outermoney informs users about the benefits of a solar system and urges them to switch to the same by using the services of EnergySage. All other relevant information is available above. 

What do you think of this website and the content present on it? What do you think of the web site’s appearance and legitimacy? Kindly share what you think of our answer to Outermoney.com Scam in the comments. Also, you may learn about online scams here.

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