Now.Gg Among Us {March 2022} An Exciting Update On Browsers!

In this article, we have discussed Among Us and how it helps players to play popular games on their browser

Are you unable to play your favourite games owing to a lack of system requirements? Are you looking for a place to play your favourite games for free on the internet? If that’s the case, this article can assist you.

Now gg has come up with a mobile cloud-based platform where users can play games online, and players in the United States want to know more about it. So, in this article, we will discuss Among Us.

About Now gg

Now gg is a mobile cloud platform that revolutionizes the gaming experience for both game creators and players. Now gg, the first global mobile platform cum service for game creators, allows gamers to play games on every device or operating system, share games instantaneously on social media, and pay in-game using their existing payment methods.

Now that game producers are no longer limited by area, device, or credit, opens up the world of users to them, unlocking new revenue streams. Let us know more about the popular game Among Us, before discussing Among Us. 

About Among Us

Among Us, also called as Among Us! mostly in the Apple App Store, is a game by Intersloth, a video game development studio based in Redmond in Washington DC. Among Us is a multiplayer online science fiction and social investigative murder thriller game based on the Unity Game Engine.

This game takes place on a starship, an over the earth station, a planetary base, or perhaps a Henry Stickmin themed Aircraft carrier with a crew of not more than three alien impostors who can destroy the ship, base or the planet as well as murder the crew.

In Among Us members of the crew must accomplish their assigned responsibilities, notify the bodies of those other crewmates who have been slain, and convene urgent meetings if they catch other gamers doing something illegal or questionable in the game. 

In 2020, Innersloth deemed Among Us to become a full game, and then on 11th June 2020, Polus and MIRA HQ, which had formerly been paid for, were made available for free to users on Windows, Android as well as iOS and iPad OS. This happened because notable Twitch streams and YouTubers were enjoying the Among Us in 2020, it rose to prominence.

About Among Us

Now gg mobile cloud allows players to play Among Us online and for free. Moreover, players can join a squad of a minimum of 4 or a maximum of 15 gamers in the exciting multiplayer wherein crewmates should collaborate to restore spaceship subsystems.

Now gg allows you to play games free on the web by streaming titles like Among Us and directly to the browser.


Among Us is a very popular game, but many players cannot play it because of high-end configuration requirements. Now gg comes to help, it lets users play Among Us on the browser itself. Visit Among Us section at Now gg website  for more.

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