McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration (Oct)

Want to know about the McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration scam? Well, swipe up and get the details regarding it and also how it reached people.

Do you know about the McDonald’s scam that happened recently? Well, you can know regarding it through the details that are provided below.

We see that the scam is happening a lot in the Philippines. The tricksters tried to post the scam messages on social media and, along with that, shared instant messages as well.

McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration scam announced that the users will get desired gifts from the link. Unfortunately, many users have faced the scam, so let us see further to know more about it.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding the McDonald’s scam. In this, the fraudsters have posted on social media and even sent messages to users to click on the link attached with it. The message mentioned that McDonald’s, on its 66th Anniversary, is giving some set of gifts to the users.

Well, the ones who have clicked on the link have been assured a $700 gift voucher. And McDonalds 66th Anniversary Promo message was mostly sent to users via the Facebook platform, and many users have been trapped in this. Also, we find that the users who clicked on the link were not diverted to the official McDonald’s site but some other site.

The sites linked with the messages will expire in 2022, and these are scam sites that the users should stay away from. Going through the scam messages, we find that when the users open the page, they are asked to send or share the link with others on WhatsApp and other social media.

Important details on McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration:

  • The users receive the messages on their Facebook page or the instant messages.
  • The messages convince the users to open the link.
  • It promises assured gifts of around $700 to the users, but they have to send this to other users before that.
  • We see that these messages are scam messages, and the users need to be aware of the scams that are going on.
  • Moreover, the link does not redirect to the official page of McDonald’s.
  • Also, going through the news, we find that the anniversary of McDonald’s is already over.

Views of people on McDonalds 66th Anniversary Promo message:

We find that the promo messages that the users are receiving are through various social media pages. And this is because the tricksters are trying to post them on social media so that people can get trapped, but we also see that the users must be aware of it so that further they can avoid such instances.

The bottom line:

Thus, we find that there is no anniversary of McDonald and the messages are fraudulent, so the users should not click on any of these links.

Moreover, stay active with news and avoid McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration fraud because your personal information gets leaked when you click on these links.

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