Norris Nuts Dog Bubba (Aug) Did Bubba Die-Find Here!

Norris Nuts Dog Bubba (Aug) Did Bubba Die-Find Here! >> Read on to know more about this famous pup of the family and how this beloved cutie passed away.

Are you currently a fur parent or ever was? Then you may understand how these four-legged friends take over our lives and make them beautiful. The unconditional love that these fur babies provide is unmatched in this world. That is why many people in the United Kingdom and the United States with pets are increasing day by day.

However, with immense love and affection comes the sadness of losing the source of that love and affection. The void that they leave behind sometimes is incomparable. Recently one of the famous families on YouTube had to take up the unbearable test of fate and announce the demise of their furry friend.  

So, here are the details of what happened to Norris Nuts Dog Bubba

Who are Norris Nuts? 

Norris Nuts is the name of the YouTube channel that is associated with an Australian family. This channel initially was not started as a family channel and was Sabre Norris’s initiative. Later on, Sabre Norris added her family, including her parents, to the channel. The channel posts videos of their family doing things and challenges.

Sabre Norris was not new to fame as before joining the YouTube community, she has gained fame being a viral sensation as a young surfer and skateboarder. She has many accolades to her name and has guest starred in multiple talk shows too. 

Norris Nuts Dog Bubba

On 28 July 2021, the family elders came out without heartbreaking news for their viewers. The family dog named Bubba passed away due to an unusual accident. The dad (Justin) and Mom (Brooke) made a detailed video announcing what happened to the Pup.  

According to the information, an accident became the cause of the demise. Naturally, this incident weighed heavily on them. In the video, Norris mentions how it broke the kid’s hearts and how they are coping.

The Norris Nuts Dog Bubba came into the family’s life just 5 days prior to the tragedy. The family made a happy video of surprising the kids with this puppy on 24 July 2021.

People’s Reactions

The people’s reaction to the news was mixed. Fans who have been following the family for some time extended their support and understanding them. Comments flowed in with words of sympathy and assurance for Justin and prayers for the departed soul. 

People who knew the family stated how kind Justin is and how much he loves everyone in his family abundantly. It is clear how much fans also adored Norris Nuts Dog Bubba


It is not easy to lose someone who spread so much joy in such a short time. The family is lucky to have the support and understanding of their viewers to get through this.

The family will need some time and constant support from their viewers to cope with the freak accident that caused pain to both, the family and Bubba. Watch here to know about the introduction of Bubba to the family

How do you feel about the Norris Nuts Dog Bubba incident? Tell us about your thoughts and feelings in the comment section. 

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