Pvu Plants Vs Undead (Aug) Get Authentic Information!

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By Marifilmines Team

Pvu Plants Vs Undead (Aug) Get Authentic Information! >> Read this blog and grow your knowledge about the latest token’s current price, trading process, based on the latest blockchain technology.

Are you familiar with the Plants vs. Undead game? Are you aware of the $PVU token?

Sounds confusing, right! So, we bring this news with the intention to inform you that the famous multiplayer game Plant vs. Undead has been encouraged with a new blockchain system and brought its crypto token, which is getting pretty attention Worldwide.

Let’s dig out some notable facts about Pvu Plants Vs Undead.

What is Plant vs. Undead token?

It is one of the most liked multiplayer games Worldwide, where the plants are considered the game’s asset. The motto of creating $PVU is to unite the most phenomenal ‘Plant vs. Zombies’ with the latest blockchain technology, i.e., NFTs.

According to the plant synergy, the position of each plant is crucial as it gives synergy. For instance, to ignite the plant attack, you need three adjacent ‘Fire Plant.’ If you have five, then the attack would take place in a greater way, and an explosion will happen. Then, you have access to move the plant accordingly.

Pvu Plants Vs Undead rules have shown that every plant is essential, and anyone can access it via growing seeds. Then you can trade every plant you have in the marketplace. According to sources, there isn’t any barrier to the initial investment in PVU.


  • Liquidity Value: The total liquidity value is 200000.
  • Selling Token: As of now, the count is 700000.
  • Current Price: On 29th July 2021, the price is 15.34 USD.
  • Price Change (Till the date): Till the date, the price changing percentage is 44.45% (Positive growth). The value is 4.71$.
  • High Value (Till the date): As of now, the value of Pvu Plants Vs Undead is 18.94 USD.
  • Market Cap: Currently, the data isn’t available.
  • Transparent Volume: It is 19.03 million.
  • Trading Volume: It is 19.03 million.
  • Contract Address: 0X00329DEEC8D3531D38D3DBE4FF186D2F55C30F7A

How to trade $PVU?

  • You are required to add this token in Metamask.
  • To do so, first search the $PVU contract address or copy it from our ‘Tokonomics’ section and add it to Metamask.
  • Make sure you already have an account on the smart chain. 
  • Open Metamask and paste the token address and add it.
  • Then, you can purchase it via the BNB platform.

What are the reactions of netizens for Pvu Plants Vs Undead?

It has drawn thousands of traders’ attention globally, has more than 6K followers on Twitter. Several posts are accessible on Twitter where the authority shares the competition update and community group links, several unknown facts, and so on. The posts have been liked by netizens, and people are looking forward to this token.

Final Verdict:

$PVU official website has explained the advantages of users, given information about the distribution of $PVU tokens and lots more details. We hope this blog has educated you about the latest Pvu Plants Vs Undead and its price & stats. 

However, do you need to know something else? Please drop down your queries below, as we will try to solve your doubt with adequate information.

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