Neon Lunar Tiger Adopt Me {Feb} Find Steps To Avail It!

You should read this write-up if you want to know about the Adopt Me game, its new features like Neon Lunar Tiger Adopt Me.

Do you like playing Roblox games? There are so many interesting games on Roblox of various genres. Have you heard about the ‘Adopt me’ game? It is a multiplayer game developed by Uplift Games. It is a role-playing game and also consists of a digital pet. If you are interested in this game, this article is about Neon Lunar Tiger Adopt Me, transforming your Lunar Tiger to Neon. 

There has been a craze about this new update in the game among the Roblox games fans from the United States, and United Kingdom, etc. 

What is ‘Adopt me’ game? 

Adopt me is a relaxing, safe for children game. It is a popular game among kids because of its versatile options. It is a game about getting a pet, hatching eggs to get a new pet, petting them, roaming around and discovering the maps, trading with friends, cooking, playing certain events to get gifts, etc. 

Neon Lunar Tiger Adopt Me event:

On the Chinese New Year occasion, there is an event update and the zodiac animal for this year is the Tiger. They have started an event related to it. ‘Lunar New Year’ event is all about the Lunar Tiger. If you play and win in this event, you will get a Neon Lunar Tiger as a reward. Put on your gears and claim this reward. This event will come to an end in the next two weeks. 

How can you get this reward? 

  • Here is your guide if you want the Neon skin for the Lunar Tiger. 
  • To get Neon Lunar Tiger Adopt Me, follow the steps below:
  • Firstly, you need to have a fully grown up Tiger as your pet. 
  • When you start the game, enter the following event of Lunar New Year. 
  • Click on the Teleport option, which will direct you to the event. 
  • You have to jump into the water and explore to find a cave underneath the water. water
  • Once you enter the cave, you will meet ‘Nixie.’
  • She will help you reach inside, where you will find a shiny floor. 
  • The next step is to get on the floor and place your Tiger on it. 
  • Your Tiger will get sacred, turning into a Neon Tiger. 
  • Follow these steps for the Neon Lunar Tiger Adopt Me event.


The Adopt Me game built on the Roblox platform has become favourable for children. It is a friendly game to play with your friends where you can get a pet animal, take care of them, roam around and win skins for your pets in the events. Currently, a new event has started concerning the Chinese New Year. This year’s zodiac animal is Tiger, and hence you can avail yourself rewards of Tiger skins in this particular event.

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