Awkward Astronaut NFT (Feb) A Collection Of Unique NFTs!

Have you heard of the critical details of Awkward Astronaut NFT? If you are asking for the latest details, kindly study this article.

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The NFTs are trending online; thus, many traders inquire about their activity, value, etc. In addition, recently, youths in the United States are constantly discussing an NFT, aiming to elevate the world of the DeFi platform. So, let us talk about the Awkward Astronaut NFT in detail to know whether it will be profitable to users or not.

What is Gemini?

It is a cryptocurrency medium suitable for learners and traders initiated in 2015. Moreover, it is ideal for beginners to learn from 40 cryptocurrencies. In addition, we have seen that Gemini provides two forms of wallets: Gemini Wallet and Gemini Custody.

However, some popular cryptocurrencies present within Gemini are DogeCoin, Bitcoin, Polygon, Ethereum, etc. So, let us talk further about an NFT listed over this platform, for which different users are peeling the web.

Introducing Awkward Astronaut NFT

Our investigation discovered that about 10,000 NFTs are available for the users; each consists of a different characteristic feature. Moreover, they have also got a unique look; for example, you will detect the NFTs similar to astronauts.

By diving deeper into this NFT, we have gained that you can also win a rare NFT by enrolling in the sweepstakes program. So, if it is compelling, kindly study the next portion to know the detailed enrolment process.

How To Gain The NFTs?  

According to Gemini’s website, the Awkward Astronaut NFT Sweepstakes period was initiated on 13 January 2022 from 5 pm ET onwards. However, it was suspended on 28 January 2022 from 11:59 pm ET. Thus, the sweepstakes period is terminated and closed now.

Only United States clients above 18 have participated in this program, and after successful verification, they will give you a rare NFT.

Few Statistical Details

  • The 7-day average price of this NFT is 1.25 ETH.
  • Its floor price value is unavailable.
  • The total NFT count is 10214.

In the coming sections, let us find below some customers’ reactions to Awkward Astronaut NFT.

What Are Users Saying?

We have seen several holders stating that they have grabbed the NFT after registering on a negotiation website. Moreover, a very few users highlighted that it is fake, but the others replied that it is clean since Gemini is safer to use.

Similarly, on YouTube, some traders commented that they have also got the NFT, hoping to be successful since it holds a rarity.

The Final Talk

In this article, we have peeled the online resources to tell you about a valuable Awkward Astronaut NFT and the users’ comments. In addition, this writing holds a brief of Gemini and its utilities. Moreover, we have seen that the Sweepstakes period has ended now on Gemini’s website. The statistical details of this NFT are also explained in this post to determine its value.

Have you owned this NFT? Kindly let us know your opinion below.

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