Moscow Attack Reddit: Information On Concert Hall Incident Twitter

Moscow Attack Reddit 2024, which took place less than a week after Vladimir Putin secured the next term as president, is claimed to have been incited by ISIS.

Moscow Attack Reddit discussions are currently trending across social media and the internet. As per sources, a group of gunmen entered the concert hall situated in Moscow, Russia.

The sudden attack, which led to the death of approximately 60 people as well as injuring over 100, has turned into a topic of discussion Worldwide.

This comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s election victory. Various countries, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, have severely condemned the attack.

In this article, we have elaborated in detail on all the information related to the Moscow Attack and the current update on the event.

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Moscow Attack Reddit – What Happened in Russia?

Moscow witnessed one of the gravest assaults on Friday, 22 March 2024, wherein a group of assailants entered the most enormous concert hall in the city.

The assailants who stormed into the venue were carrying guns as well as incendiary devices. At least 60 people lost their lives in the attack. On the other hand, over 145 have been reported to be injured, as per the latest updates.

As per the investigation, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Moscow Terror Attack 2024, which has shaken countries Worldwide.

The attack is widely condemned by countries who have extended their support for Moscow.

Upon further investigation, we came across more details related to the attack, which we will elaborate on in the upcoming sections of the article.

Moscow Attack Reddit – What Happened in Russia
Moscow Attack Reddit – What Happened in Russia

Moscow Terror Attack 2024 – Who is Behind the Conspiracy?

ISIS has claimed complete responsibility for the attack. According to an investigation, the terror group shared a short statement published by Amaq on Telegram.

Herein, Amaq is a news agency that is affiliated with ISIS. The statement was published on Friday after the attack. However, the organization did not provide any evidence supporting their claims.

Moscow Concert Hall Attack – More Details

Based on the investigation surrounding the Moscow Concert Hall Attack, video footage also surfaced. It was taken from Crocus City Hall.

The footage showcases a vast complex, including a music hall and a shopping centre. It shows both centres lit on fire, with smoke oozing in the air.

Based on the details shared by RIA Novosti, a state-run organization, the assailants opened firing and also threw grenades and incendiary bombs, which led to the fire.

Moscow Concert Hall Attack
Moscow Concert Hall Attack

The attack led to partial roof collapse. However, the governor, Andrey Vorobyov, confirmed on Telegram that the fire was controlled after over six hours.

According to research and tweets on Moscow Attack Twitter, this has been one of the deadliest terror attacks which happened in decades. The attack is considered an aftermath of President Vladimir Putin winning the elections.

The assault took place less than a week after Putin won the elections. According to sources, he won with an overwhelming majority and secured another term in office.

Moscow Attack Reddit – The Current Update

As the attention is currently focused on the war, the President had shared a message of increasing national security before Russia entered the polls.

The attack happened before the concert by the band Picnic was to begin. The assailants had camouflaged themselves when entering the Crocus City Hall. To know more about the Moscow Terror Attack, click

The video footage showcases panic unfolding among the crowd, who are seen trying to save themselves from the attack. Herein, one of the group is seen sheltering near a large wall of windows located outside the concert venue, who later broke it to escape the firing.

According to the latest updates, over 100 people have been evacuated, according to TASS reports. Besides, the mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, has called the attack a tragedy.

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