Megasocer Review {May} Is It A Legit Seller Or A Scam?

This content on Megasocer Review will guide the readers on the permissibility and honesty of the Megasocer shop.

Have you shopped from Megasocer shop? If not yet, you must explore this website. It has amazing video game products. This site in the United Kingdom is made for all Nintendo Switch and PS4 lovers. If you want to explore this website, you can go through the official link provided in this article. 

This post on Megasocer Review will guide the readers on the features, advantages, disadvantages, and legitimacy. Please go through this article and check if it is a legit site.

Overview on Megasocer 

Megasocer is an online website where buyers can shop for many entertaining products. If you love to play games, you can visit this shop and check their deals and offers to get the maximum benefit. This shop is specially made for gamers. Here are some items listed here. If you do not know what they offer, kindly check the items listed below:

  • Ps4 
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Card POD
  • Smash Racket

Is Megasocer Legit? You might be a video game lover and planning to buy their items from here. But you must know your safety measures. All the details regarding your safety are important, as some online sites are not trustworthy. But not all sites are scams. There is a huge difference between a scam and a legit site. You should be careful while checking the accuracy. Kindly read all the details listed ahead.

Features of Megasocer shop

  • Purchase Nintendo switch from
  • Email at:
  • Phone number: +447360507421
  • Address details: 26 George Street, England, Durham, DH6 5DR.
  • We have found a positive Megasocer Review on the official website. But, these reviews can be fake as no online site has given such ratings.
  • Return Policy: It offers a thirty-day return policy.
  • Refund Policy: It takes 6-7 days to process refunds.
  • Shipping Policy: Delivery takes place within 3-7 days through DHL and FedEx.
  • Payment Methods: Discover, American Express, Master Card, PayPal, Visa.

Positive Highlights

  • Email address, phone number, and address details have been mentioned.
  • Https is found.

Negative Highlights

  • Some reviews are seen on the official website, but online sites do not review this site.
  • Social media accounts are not found.
  • The owner’s details are missing.

Is Megasocer Legit?

Megasocer shop can be a legit site, but what if it is a scam? How could one judge its legitimacy? Here are all the factors that will help you know the factors related to its permissibility. Kindly read all the details shared below with full concentration.

  • Website Registration: December 5, 2021, is the website registration date of the Megasocer shop. This means that Megasocer was registered five months ago.
  • Trust Index: Megasocer has a trust index of only two percent. It means the website is not trustworthy, and we should be aware.
  • Registrar: Amazon Registrar, Inc. registers the Megasocer shop. 
  • Buyer’s Response: Our team has found some positive Megasocer Review on the official site. But, the online website does not share such reviews.
  • Social Media Accounts: This website does not have any availability on any social media platforms. This means it is not a popular website.
  • Data security: the site, Megasocer, uses HTTPS Protocol to detect the hackers and transfer the data and credentials safely.
  • Missing Information: All the important information like email, address, and phone number is mentioned. But the owner’s details are missing.
  • Policies: All the customer care policies have been mentioned appropriately on the website. The buyers can check the policies for their concerns.

Megasocer Review

Megasocer shop has mentioned email, phone details, and address information. But, the owner’s details are not mentioned. Although, some reviews were seen on the official site. But, the online site has not shown any interest and has not given any ratings. This website is not available on any social media platforms. This makes it an unpopular site. Hence, this makes it a dubious and suspicious store.

Its rank on Alexa is inconsiderable. We cannot trust this site based on such poor factors. You can go through the details on credit card scamming here.

Final Verdict 

Summing up this content on Megasocer Review, we learned that this website has a life expectancy of five months and a poor trust rate. It depicts the real identity of this shop, making it the least trustworthy. The shoppers can view details on PayPal Scamming on this post. Please check this link to know more details on Nintendo Switch.  

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