Namlas Shop Reviews {May} is This A Legitimate Site?

Namlas Shop Online Website Reviews

This article about Namlas Shop Reviews shares all the details about the site, which will help you know more about its product. Follow or blog to know more.

Do you like shopping online? Want to buy all your basic product needs through the online market? Then this web portal is just made for you. It sells all its products online. This web portal was created in the United States.

In this article of Namlas Shop Reviews, we will try to bring you all the necessary details about the site and further information to conclude its worthiness. To get more information, read the blog below.

What is

Names is an online shopping site that is quite versatile as it deals in various products like electronic devices, camping products, sports materials and lots more. The quality of their products is quite excellent and durable. It has a vast collection of electronic devices. The cost of their products is average.

Buyers are willing to know the site’s worthiness before shopping, while they question Is Namlas Shop Legit?

Points to Focus:

  • The URL of webpage:
  • Domain development date: 18/04/2022
  • Lapse date of Domain: 18/04/2023
  • Service through mail:
  • Phone number to contact– No details about their contact number are present on the website.
  • Details of web creator: No information about the website creator is present.
  • Location of the company– 2834 North Harper Terrace, Peoria, Illinois, 61604, USA. 
  • Presence on Social sites – The web portal is present on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Time of shipping: The web portal normally takes 4-7 working days for the order’s delivery.
  • Standard policy for shipping: Following Namlas Shop Reviews, No information on Standard shipping on their webpage.
  • Gateway for Payment– Paypal, Master Card, Visa, etc.
  • Policy on Free delivery: It does not contain any detail on free delivery service. 
  • Taxes on customs: No information about custom duty is present.
  • The time period for return– The website provides 30 days to return the order.

Positive aspects of

  • It is present on social networking sites.
  • It offers various methods of payment.
  • It provides its email for better customer service.

Negative aspects of

  • It does not provide any free delivery service.
  • It has not given its phone number for customer support.

Is Namlas Shop Legit or Fake Website?

The site provides a vast range of electronic products and other things. And the quality of their products is excellent. But customers still wish to know the legitimacy of the site.

  • Website existence date: The date of existence of the site is 18/04/2022, which is quite a new domain. 
  • Rank on Alexa: The Alexa rank of the website is #6076864.
  • Trust Index: It has a horrible trust index, only 1%.
  • Duplicate content percentage: The website has 0% duplicate content from another website.
  • Social Site Presence: The web portal is present on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Website original location: By Following Namlas Shop Reviews, No information about the site is present.
  • Details to contact: No details about their contact number are present on the website.
  • Service on Refund – It refunds the entire amount once the goods are returned.
  • Service for Non-refunding: Personal care and perishable products are non-refundable.
  • Web creator details: No information about the website creator is given on their homepage.
  • Shipping time: It takes around 4-7 days to ship the order.
  • Policy for order cancellation – The order can be cancelled before shipping. 
  • Details on Exchange products – It offers an exchange facility on its products.

Namlas Shop Reviews:

The web portal is lacking in customer reviews as there is no feedback or ratings present on its site to justify its legitimacy. No online reviews are found. Though the site has various social media accounts, but no reviews are found there. The Alexa ranking of the web portal is around #6076864. Here customers need to identify- How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed?

The Conclusion Statement:

The web portal does not have much experience in this web-based marketing, so the site lacks customer trust. The website has horrible Trust Points. Though the site is present on social networking sites, the site lacks customer Namlas Shop Reviews.

So we advise the buyers that this site is a scam and that buyers should stay away from such websites. Whereas buyers should also look into- How To Get A Refund On Paypal If Scammed to prevent such scams.   

 Did you ever face a PayPal scam? Share your opinions below in the comment box.

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