Medicare Helpline Scam (Feb 2022) Facts And More!

The guide shares details about the new Medicare Helpline Scam targeting seniors across America.

Open Enrollment Period by Medicare started on 15th October 2021 and will last till 7th December 2021. It is the period when the beneficiaries can choose the Medicare plans that are suitable for them. The plans will provide medical coverage for the upcoming year 2022.

But, AARP continuously warns the beneficiaries to stay alert from the scammers targeting the recipients during the open enrollment period. The scammers are using unknown numbers to call them and commit the Medicare Helpline Scam.

The scam artists are targeting people across the United States.

What is the New Medicare Helpline Fraud?

The new Medicare Helpline Fraud is the new scam targeting many Medicare beneficiaries across the United States. Scammers are targeting those beneficiaries that are concerned about their Medicare and health coverage.

Since the Open Enrollment Period of Medicare has started, scammers are calling randomly to the beneficiaries from an unknown number and urging them to sign-up from coverage that claims to offer free medical equipment and supplies in exchange for their unique Medicare number. 

These are the scammers, and beneficiaries are urged not to share their Medicare Numbers with unauthorized people.  

How does Medicare Helpline Scam Works?

Medicare Helpline Fraud works by calling the Medicare Beneficiaries during the Open Enrollment Period (5th Oct to 7th Dec) and urging them to sign-up for health coverage that can offer free medical equipment and supplies in exchange for their Medicare Number.

As per AARP, beneficiaries must not share their Medicate Number or Social Security Number. It acts as their bank account number and credit card number and must not be shared with unauthorized callers. The scammers may sell the Medicare Number to criminals or use it to make falsified claims in their name. 

The Medicare Helpline Scam targets seniors across America. AARP continuously alerts the beneficiaries not to share the Medicare Number to any unauthorized caller on their unsolicited request.     

How to Identify Whether it is a Helpline Scam?

Well, there are many effective ways to identify helpline scammers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to identify the scammers and avoid the calls.

  • Medicare is a reputed national insurance firm, and it will never call beneficiates randomly to ask their Medicare number for free test kits, medical supplies and equipment. So, you must hang up the Medicare Helpline Scam calls. 
  • Medicare offers an Open Enrollment Period, and during this period, beneficiaries are allowed to choose their health coverage plan for the upcoming year without any pressure. They will never call them to suggest coverage plans. 
  • Medicare will never call you for your personal information or card details. So, you must hang up the call if they ask you for all these details.


Medicare opens the enrollment period every year to give opportunities to all beneficiaries to choose their medical health coverage for the upcoming year. They never call to suggest any plan, so hang up immediately without sharing any further information if you receive any Medicare Helpline Scam calls.        

Besides, always keep yourself equipped with tips on how to protect yourself from a scam.

Did you receive any such scam calls? Then, please mention what initiative you have taken to report it in the comment section.

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