Manga Tokyo Revengers 221 (Sep 2021) Where To Read?

This article will tell you all the vital information you should know about the Manga Tokyo Revengers 221.

Do you love watching series in your leisure time along with your friends and family? If yes, then we have brought you an amazing manga series that you are missing out on.

Tokyo Revengers Is a manga series that is among the successful series which has been able to tracked and engage millions Worldwide. The series is all set to release in chapter 221 soon.

Let us start our discussion with the introduction of the series and let us know the release date of Manga Tokyo Revengers 221.

What is Tokyo Revengers All About?

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series that was initially released in 2017 in Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine. Ken Wakui has written and illustrated the series.

Liden Films Has premiered its anime television series adaptation in April 2021. It was released as a live-action film adaptation in July 2021 in Japan.

The series has come a long way and is ready to release its chapter 221 soon for all its viewers. Its Shonen category had even won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award in 2020.

What is the Release Date of Manga Tokyo Revengers 221?

Tokyo Revengers has gained a massive fan base due to its release of the anime adaptation. Fans are immensely excited for the release of chapter 221 as the series has reached its final arc. 

As for the Tokyo Revengers report, it has been noted that the recent release date updated for chapter 221 of manga Tokyo revengers is 8 September 2021 but for further updates, keep an eye out for that. 

Where can you read Chapter 221?

The official license for the release of Manga Tokyo Revengers 221 is with Kodansha comics and Mangano. So, by visiting its official website, you can buy the individual volumes for the series.

You can also lookup to private websites for the latest chapters as When they are updated on it. 

What are the spoilers for chapter 221?

No spoilers for chapter 221 have been released yet, but yes, we can make few predictions based on the end of the previous chapter, which are as follows:

  • There is a high possibility of the fight between Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman in Manga Tokyo Revengers 221.
  • Takemichi’s vision might get clearer. 
  • The result of the malice between the two groups would be confirmed in the upcoming episodes.
  • Draken might get involved in a serious fight with the gang members.

The above mentioned are some raw predictions entirely based on the end of Manga Tokyo Revengers 220.


Tokyo revengers anime Adaptation is the most popular and well-liked series globally. It has set a long journey and has reached its final arc.

Due to its unique time paradox plot, it set-asides all other shows. The protagonists of Manga Tokyo Revengers 221 have done a great job in entertaining the audience. Visit here to know more about the Tokyo Revengers

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