Aut Twoh (Sep 2021) Know About The Game In Detail Here!

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The write-up includes each detail of Aut Twoh in depth. Scroll down the entire post to extract the real facts about the new release of the Roblox Platform.

In Roblox, you can get a range of fun and original Platforms, objects, and Varieties in a Universal Time. Although some are simple, others require players to fulfill missions or are only available in exceptional situations if you desire to acquire the TWOH. 

People Worldwide can even go to A Universal Time site to see the full of our broadcast. We, too, have a collection of special Aut Twoh locations you may join to make refining some of the essential goods a little quicker. 

The World Over Heaven

TWOH is now the most potent non-canon weapon featured in the JoJo World & Eyes Of Heaven. It is a nearer platform having a capacity of up to 2 meters from its owner and can get abbreviated as “TWOH.” The World Over Heaven has no varieties but has one advancement. It’s an upgraded version of The World that DIO refers to as the “Ultimate Platform.”

How to acquire TWOH?

There are three main steps to acquiring this Aut Twoh platform: 

  1. To begin, collect the DIO’s journal and study it as usual. In the 1v1 category, you should earn 25 games on the forum. Then there’s Metal Ball Run, in which you have to murder 50 guys. 
  2. Afterward, you must obtain all Saint’s Corpse Pieces (both redeemed and unredeemed) and speak with Jotaro Kujo. To get DIO’s Bone, he will transfer you to Paradise Ascension DIO. 
  3. Now You must travel to the hill behind Jonathan Joestar after obtaining DIO’s Bone. Resummon your The World once you’ve hit the top. 

Aut Twoh Abilities

  • Ground Smash (G) – Knockback & temporarily blind all around opponents.
  • Accelerated Knives – Toss three blades ahead, so if you fire a shot, lightning will fall on them, dealing with possible harm.
  • Heavenly Hits — A four-hit series that ends with the opponent being knocked back.
  • Barrage – Your stride launches a torrent of blows next to you, stunning the opponent if it gets stuck.
  • Time Pause Teleport – Teleport forward while temporarily stopping eternity.
  • Heavy Strike  – If struck, launch two-punch combinations that push the opponent.
  • Storm God’s Descension  – Thunderstorms surround the user. Continue reading about Aut Twoh.
  • Time Freeze  – A 7-second period of spare time during which you can inflict harm or flee.
  • Truth Overwrite – A strike is charged up and thrown next to you by your stance. They will strike fists in the air as though they are pushing things off if it hits the victim, but this is a delusion.

Final Verdict

Roblox  is a platform that always introduces new forums. Worldwide, people are excited about the new release named the world over heaven. Click here to know Do Robux generators work? We have guidance on getting Stands that includes many of the extreme forms.

Have you ever played any Roblox games? Then comment on your opinion and experience below on Aut Twoh.

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