Makezbright Reviews {Nov 2022} Is This A Legitimate Website?

This research will help you know about Makezbright Reviews, know about the reality of this site, and create awareness in your mind.

In this modern time, everyone is busy with their own work, and they hardly get time to go out and shop, due to which people prefer shopping online. Here, we have brought an online shopping store in the United States, which sells t-shirts, ornaments, canvas etc., at a very reasonable price in one place. You can shop unlimitedly without any boundation at a single place.

But before making any payment for the items added to the cart, you must know things like Makezbright Reviews to clear all your doubts regarding such websites.

Brief of is an online shopping platform which is offering multi-products with exciting offers/discounts. They are bringing all the readymade stuff to you without wasting any time on offline shopping. This helps to save your time, and you can order such good stuff with just a few steps.

Here are details of the product offered by this website:

  • T-shirts
  • Metal sign
  • Mugs and tumblers
  • Canvas
  • Wood sign
  • Pillow, ornaments
  • Phone accessories

Due to time constraints and to avoid the market rush, people are rushing more towards online shopping. But you must know: Is Makezbright Legit? And if this website is safe for you to shop.

Features of

  • Get an attractive metal sign on
  • Email address is provided:
  • Office address- 68 Circular Road #02-01,049422, Singapore
  • US warehouse Address- 964 E.Badillo Street #2068 Covina, CA 91724.
  • Contact number is available: +84 935969089.
  • Shipping depends on the country or region.
  • Stock and packaging processing takes place in 2-5 business days.
  • Service not provided to South Asia (except India), Western Asia, Africa Countries and other countries listed in Singapore Designated Individual and Entities.
  • Refund/Return policy:
  • A refund could be claimed within 3 days of arrival date.
  • The collection on this website has no Makezbright Reviews.
  • Order cancellation policy:
  • The order could be cancelled within 12 hours of purchase.
  • Payment accepted through Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

Beneficial highlights

  • Email address, contact number, office and warehouse address is found on the official website.
  • HTTPS protocol detected.
  • Online orders could be tracked.

Negative Highlights

  • No relevant information found on social media platforms
  • No customer reviews are available on the collection of this website.
  • Shipping to selected countries.

Is it legit or a scam? is an e-commerce platform where customers can shop various products without facing any rush and according to their convenience. This website has a hood collection to attract customers. But before anything, the question arises here: Is Makezbright Legit? This question is important, and its customer should be known by each and every customer out there. 

We are providing some details regarding

  • Domain Creation: This website was created on 10th April 2020.
  • Trust Score: It has a trust score of 60%, which is an average score.
  • Data mode: HTTPS protocol detected, which means it is secured.
  • Social connections: Pages on social media platforms are found, but no relevant information is available.
  • Customer feedback: There are no customer reviews found on the products available on this site. Also, some Makezbright Reviews are found on other reviewing sites.

All this information should be considered and kept in mind before taking a step towards this website. People want to save their time, and they are blindly trusting such sites and making them their shopping destination, but they should know that they can’t take a risk with their life savings, as fraudsters can misuse their credit or debit card details after the customer has provided them all the details. Many online shopping stores are trustworthy, but some are frauds too. So you must know the difference between real and fake.

Makezbright Reviews

Based on the information provided, it is understood that this website could be partially trustworthy as it has social media pages, contact numbers, office and warehouse addresses and email addresses too. People think that this information is sufficient for the gem to shop from online stores. But it’s not enough. However, social media pages were found but no relevant reviews were found on other reviewing sites. Also, it has zero popularity according to Alexa rank.

For information regarding credit card scams, refer to this post.

Final Summary

We conclude, based on Makezbright Reviews, that this website has an average trust score but the offers they are giving, no reviews anywhere, makes it suspicious. You can shop from this website on your own will as it is seen that customers showed the least interest. So we are not recommending purchasing anything from this site without proper research.

Regarding PayPal details, collect information from this post.

22 thoughts on “Makezbright Reviews {Nov 2022} Is This A Legitimate Website?”

  1. Scam
    Says it’s coming from CA and will be delivered in 10 days.
    I checked the tracking on the items I ordered because it’s been 12 days and it’s being sent from China. I contacted my credit card company for a dispute already.

  2. I ordered Christmas ornaments for my family. Ordered and paid for 3 family ornaments and received only 2. Who could I contact regarding this matter? The 2 that came were in a USPS PS Lightweight envelope with no information included with the 2 ornaments nor a receipt or anything that I could use to order more.

    • Hello Shirley Kurz, they have common tricks to cheat. Somehow they try to cheat and earn money easily. But, this is not the way. Hope you get some details about the pending ornament. Do update here. Take care. Be alert.

  3. Hi,
    I ordered from them on November 8, same thing says it’s coming from CA, but I never got a tracking number or saying it was shipped. I have tried to look for my order with no luck. I will be contacting my credit card company to dispute this charge also. I have still not received my order so I am saying this is a total scam! People please don’t waste your time ordering from Makezbright.

    • Hello Beatrice, Same issue was expressed, by the buyer. So it seems they are scammers. But try to contact the company. Hope you get the refund. This information will guide the people to stay away. Thanks for the update. Take care.

  4. I ordered the Brother and Sister Ornament, although it took several weeks to receive it I was very pleased with the product. It was just as advertised. gave each of my brothers and Sister one and the were all very pleased.

    • Hello Brenda Jackson, Glad to hear, you have received the products and you are happy. Many of the buyers did not. Did you reach them to get? Please help others if you can. Thanks for the update. Be alert. Thanks. Take care.

  5. I placed my order three weeks ago, still havnt received item. They will not reply to my emails, the phone number is bogus . I will do everything I can to press charges against this company for fraud and theft . I even messaged them on Facebook and they don’t reply. Horrible company.

    • Hello Tammy, We can understand how you must be feeling. For sure they must be cheaters. You can check with your payment company for a refund. You can get some details about their portal. Buyers stay cautious and don’t buy anything from them. Let us know if you trace anything. Thanks and Regards.

  6. BUYER BEWARE. Makezbright is a scam company. I found out after the fact that this allegedly is coming from CHINA whereas they have a phony address in Los Angeles, CA. They sent me a phony tracking number from China and when I questioned them, I got a repeat that it had shipped, with a DIFFERENT tracking number! Do not buy from this company. They take your money and give fake tracking information. SCAM. Boycott china and buy local. I have also immediately disputed this charge with my cc company, who is wonderful

    • Hello Terry, thanks for the detailed information. You did right and reached your payment company. They will help you to get a refund amount. Please let us know any further updates. Take care. Thanks.

  7. After waiting a month for my order and reading negative reviews, I left a negative review also that this was a scam. The next day ( after a month) I received my order and am happy with it. Sorry for posting a bad review. Even though you wait a long time, you do get your order and it is as advertised.

  8. I ordered two Christmas ‘sisters’ ornaments back in October and so far have received nothing. I have sent two emails and they responded promptly each time. The latest email (today) said my order has been lost in transit and they will send replacement ornaments. I doubt I’ll receive anything at all. Very disappointed.

    • Hello Trish Heketa, Hope you get your order in good condition. Many of them have not received any product or mail stating such cases. So, check if you receive it. Else, you can reach out for a refund. Please do keep updating and spread awareness. Be careful. Take care. Thanks.


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