Wikipedia Your Connection Is Not Private {March 2022} Read

Please read this article to learn about Wikipedia Your Connection Is Not Private and its probable solution.

Have you been searching for information on the Internet? Do you love free information and use Wikipedia a lot for your information? Do you use Google Chrome and have come across a new issue? Then read along this article to know about the recent problem in Google Chrome and its probable fix.

The issue has emerged in the United States. While accessing Wikipedia through Google Chrome, users found Wikipedia Your Connection Is Not Private, which took the InternetInternet by turmoil.

When is the Privacy message displayed?

The privacy-related message is displayed when the connection to the website you are trying to visit is not secure. This error is known as the SPDY error, and SPDY is a security protocol by Google to protect its users. SPDY needs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) to work.

Most web surfers face this error while browsing when they visit websites that use a Transmission Control Protocol or TCP.

Why is it showing that Wikipedia Your Connection Is Not Private

As stated earlier, the SPDY protocol uses specific security servers or codes to know that the connection to the website is secure. However, there are some popular websites like Reddit and Wikipedia which use the TCP protocol.

The SPDY security protocol can recognize the TCP protocol, but for some reason, it often shows that the connection to the website is not secure, and there is a SPDY error.

Something similar happened with Wikipedia recently, and people who have never experienced this type of error while trying to access a popular website were confused.

Wikipedia Your Connection Is Not Private– What happened recently?

Recently many people and frequent users of Wikipedia from the United States were stuck with the privacy connection issue or, technically speaking, the ‘SPDY Wikipedia’ problem. The users were trying to access Wikipedia from Google Chrome Browser but were not able to.

This raised tough questions in various discussion communities. Some users have displayed the privacy error message while trying to access mobile phones and Computers, but the error continued.

Now, according to our research, this can be resolved in various ways.

How to fix the SPDY Wikipedia Issue?

If the message Wikipedia Your Connection Is Not Private is still showing, the following can be used to fix the issue if the issue is still present while using Google Chrome.

  • Firstly, update your browser. If you are using an old version of Google Chrome, this issue might happen even for secure websites.
  • Secondly, try to flush all the old SPDY sockets from the Google Chrome Browser by accessing this link from your browser. (chrome://net-internals/#events&q=type:SPDY_SESSION%20is:active).
  • Next, try to clear all your Cookies, Cache, and Temporary Files that your browser has access to. 


In conclusion, we can say that the message Wikipedia Your Connection Is Not Private can show even if you are using the latest browser or secure connection. This is because the security protocol of Wikipedia is not SSL or TLS protocols but TCP protocol, which is secondary to SPDY security. 

You can also try the above methods to fix the problem. You can know more about the Wikipedia Connection.  

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  1. Despite using all the suggestions you offier, I cannot access wikipedia. Many sites that I know to be safe require multiple permissions to connect, and, once accessed, I cannot see images, only text. Security is important, but Chrome security has become ridiculous. Chrome is safer if it blocks unsafe sites, but useless if every non-Google site is deemed unsafe.


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