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This write-up describes Limer Wordle to inform users about a word used as a choice to solve the well-known challenge but was not the answer.

Could you solve Wordle 390 easily? Did you face difficulty in solving Wordle for July 15, 2022? Although Wordle’s prominence skyrocketed this year, users continue to find it appealing. When Wordle was taken by The New York Times, countless people from Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, and worldwide discovered a useful method to evaluate their English vocabulary.

So, you may enhance your vocabulary today by reading the write-up below associated with Limer Wordle.

Connection of Limer and Wordle.

Recently, the Limer word was used in the Wordle game as an option to solve the Wordle 390, but the correct option was not Limer. The correct answer for yesterday’s Wordle is Liver. It is important to guess the answer correct. Limer is the incorrect answer for yesterday’s Wordle by missing out one letter.

Why is Wordle popular?

Because of the Wordle gameplay’s straightforward guidelines and five-letter term requirement, many users play Wordle gameplay daily. Wordle users must correctly predict the current term or phrase in six tries because Wordle updates its term daily at midnight. Color-coded blocks or tiles are used to convey suggestions or clues.

Limer Definition:

Limer in English vocabulary is a mongrel, a bloodhound, or a dog’s breed held on a lead. Limer is also an individual who lime washes, utilizes bird-lime, or somebody who limes. Besides, Limer in West Indies is somebody hanging out or around the roads or streets.

How to participate in Wordle game?

You can access Wordle on your mobile phone’s browser or any desktop or PC, including Safari, Chrome, Brave, Google, etc. Gamers may access Wordle’s official web page and access this no-cost game without signing up. Additionally, the web page contains a straightforward layout, allowing people to start playing right away.

Limer Wordle:

Limer, a phrase, was recently used to solve Wordle 390 for July 14, 2022. However, it was not the correct choice to solve the riddle 390 of Wordle. Limer was an attempt to solve the challenge for Wordle on July 14, 2022.

Besides, many users also tried Lesser, Lower, and other phrases to overcome their challenges. But, the correct option was different from the word Limer. You may also choose the themes or modes of Wordle, such as dark, hard, or color bling themes.

Is Limer a Word?

Yes, Limer is a word often used in the West Indies for somebody hanging out, or others use it as dog’s breed leading, who lime-washes, etc. This word used in Wordle as an attempt to solve the 390 challenge was recently circulated across the web.

Wordle 390:

The right option for Wordle 390 begins with the letter L, and R is the last. It contains two different vowels, and no vowels or letters are repeated.


After many attempts, a few users tried to use Limer as an option for Wordle 390. So, the right answer is not the Limer Wordle; it is LIVER. 

Wordle, being popular, brings many difficult phrases. However, with a few hints, you can solve it easily. Also, read more about Limer used in Wordle here.

Did you try Limer for Wordle? Tell us in the comment box if you used Limer as an option for Wordle 390.

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