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Wight Wordle {July 2022} Get Help With 388 Puzzle Answer

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Have you noticed often trending on the unusual words wrongly labeled as the Wordle answer? Are you among those who guess wrong words as the Wordle answer and circulate the word among friends as the answer of the Wordle?

Wordle is a very popular word game worldwide, particularly in countries like the United StatesCanadaAustralia and the United Kingdom. In this article, we will discuss a word that many Wordle players think is the right answer. Let us discuss in detail Wight Wordle.

Why Is Wight Trending On The Internet With Wordle?

Wight is trending on the internet as the right answer for 12th July 2022. But the word is not the right answer for the Wordle 388 puzzle. Wight has the maximum similarity with the correct answer. The correct answer is Night. 

So the people who thought of Wight as the right answer shared it with their friends on the internet, and therefore Wight started trending as the right answer for Wordle 388. 

We all know the meaning of Night as it is a daily and all-time word. But what about Wight? Let us check.

Is Wight a Word

Wight signifies a living being. It means creatures, especially human beings. In other words, Wight also means spirit or ghost. So, we can notice that Wight also has proper meaning in the English dictionary.

Night Meaning

The Night is a daily and all-time used word, and its meaning is almost known to all. But for the sake of the demand of this article, we are giving the meaning of Night. Night implies the duration of the period after sunset and before sunrise. Day and Night are integral parts of the creation of this universe.

Words That Sound Alike With Wight Wordle

  • Sight
  • Might
  • Right
  • Eight
  • Light
  • Tight
  • Night
  • Fight
  • Bight

Wordle Answers Of July 2022

  • Night: 12 th July Wordle answer
  • Madam: 11th July Wordle answer
  • Berth: 10th July Wordle answer
  • Stead: 9th July Wordle answer
  • Voice: 8th July Wordle answer
  • Agape: 7th July Wordle answer
  • Fluff: 6th July Wordle answer
  • Field: 5th July Wordle answer
  • Sever: 4th July Wordle answer
  • Lilac: 3rd July Wordle answer
  • Egret: 2nd July Wordle answer
  • Pinto: 1st July Wordle answer

Let Us Learn The Technique To Play Wordle

We have discussed a wrong guessed word Wight, Is Wight a Word, etc. One question coming to the mind of many people is how to avoid this mistake while playing this game. You need to understand certain techniques to guess the right word for this Wordle game

The technique related to this game is changing the three colours: green, yellow and grey. If you concentrate on changing these colours, you could easily win the game. 


Based on analysis we can say that the answer for the 12 July wordle is Night and not Wight. We have also given many accounts related to Wight Wordle and a list of Wordle answers for July. 

What is your opinion on this game and yesterday’s answer? Do you enjoy playing Wordle? Share your view with us. 

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