Leaves 3 With Pokemon {Feb} Find Ways To Achieve This!

In this post, we have discussed leaves 3 with pokemon and how to obtain the Pokemon featuring three leaves.

Are you a fan of the latest & trending Arceus Pokemon game? Do you want to learn about Pokemon with three leaves? If yes, tune into the post. 

Pokemon Arceus has become a phenomenon, with so many requests & tasks to catch a variety of mysterious Pokemon. Players worldwide, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Netherlands, are looking for a new three leaves Pokemon. So, in this post, we will discuss leaves 3 with pokemon and how to get it. 

What is Pokemon with Three Leaves? 

For Pokemon Arceus Search for Bitter Leaves request, gamers have a new challenge to capture a unique Pokemon having three leaves. The Pokemon with three leaves is called Petilil. The Pokemon is not tough to catch if you know where & how to get it. 

Although there are some Pokemon that potentially fulfill the category, gamers will need to hunt down one from the Crimson Mirelands’ signature Pokemon. Also, the request only emphasizes catching Petilil as the Pokemon featuring three leaves, as mentioned in the mission guidelines. 

How to Obtain leaves 3 with pokemon?

Players need to speak to the Shinon inside Jubilife Village to begin the request. She will tell them to pick plants for her and that she may use them to produce medication. 

Shinon is not really aware of the location of the plant and where it grows. So she will suggest that players enquire with Anise for further information. 

The Anise should not be far away. After meeting Anise, she would reveal the plant is indeed a Pokemon. She will also give her advice on its location, which is the Crimson Mirelands, the second main area in the game, to find leaves 3 with pokemon.

After reaching there, going towards the Cottonsedge Prairie just on the eastern edge of Crimson Mirelands is the right place to start one’s actual journey to look for Pokemon featuring three leaves for Bitter leaves request. 

To go to this place, players must go to Diamond Settlement, start going up, then ride across Lake Valor within Pokemon Legends – Arceus. Although this path may appear convoluted, it should permit any player who has completed their Search for Bitter Leaves to easily visit the Cottonsedge Prairie.

Players will notice several Petilil Pokemon moving about among the cotton when they arrive. Still, they should catch only single leaves 3 with pokemon and return that to Anise in Jubilife Village of Pokemon Arceus. 

Players would be rewarded to a short segment after speaking with that individual and delivering over the Petilil or the Pokemon with three leaves. And after that, their Search for Bitter Leaves quest would be labeled as accomplished.


Capturing Petilil, the Pokemon with three leaves, is relatively easy, and it shouldn’t take much time. The player earns three Fine Remedies plus five Hopo Berries for bringing back the Pokemon having three leaves. Visit this News website to learn more about Petilil

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