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This article holds all the aspects of Tamara Lich Arrest and some basics of her life and personality.  

Do you believe that politics is behind everything that happens in this world? Or are you a believer that everything happens for a reason by the will of God? This is the world and good enough with people who praise it every day. 

Have you ever faced protest for the thing you want from the world? Are you a believer in it? If yes, then you must be knowing Tamara Lich. 

In-fact, who doesn’t know her is all over Canada. Almost everyone there is aware of the Tamara Lich Arrest controversy. 

So, continue reading this write-up to know about her and the reason behind her arrest. 

About Tamara? 

She is a Canadian Politician and a member of the administration at Maverick. She is a follower of Christianity wholeheartedly. 

She is a well-educated and well-known personality in Canada. She used to be one of the senior authorities of the splinter party.


  • Name- Tamara Lich
  • Age of Tamara- 47 yrs. Old.
  • Place of birth- Saskatchewan.
  • Date of birth- She was born in 1975.
  • Occupation- Politician
  • Height- 5Feet
  • Religion- Christian. 

Tamara Lich Arrest: Know About Controversy

According to a piece of circulating news, Tamara, a politician by profession, got arrested by the police of Ottawa. Along with her partner members of the Freedom Convey protest, she got arrested.

The Ottawa police officers arrested almost all the protesters involved for 3 days. Lich got arrested on Thursday night, according to sources.

This arrest took place after the new rule passed by the Canadian government, where they were allowed to arrest people who were protesting and blocking the way.

Let us see the reason for the protest after Tamara Lich Arrest.

Why was she protesting? 

Nowadays, it is a mandatory condition in Canada to take compulsory Covid vaccination for traveling to US borders. 

The Freedom Convey team was protesting against this rule of compulsory vaccination. Firstly, they started this protest against the vaccination compulsion. 

Then the protestors started demanding an end to all the nonsense restrictions of Covid. This protest caused blockage to many US-Canadian borders. 

What Was Her Reaction after Arrest?

After this incident, Tamara shared a video stating that this was an expected arrest. 

Even after the Tamara Lich Arrest, she again called for a protest and block of the ways to grab the rights from the hands of the government. 

Note- All the details we have mentioned here are entirely based on the media’s and internet’s research. 

Final Verdict 

All these collected details about Tamara and her arrest clearly states that she was protesting against a rule of government and for the sake of her will considering her rights. 

But we can also say that the protest against COVID restrictions was not appropriate as these are also the safety measures for the people. 

What are your opinions on the news of Tamara Lich Arrest? Comment your views below. 

Get a glimpse through this video of Tamara Arrest. You may find here-  

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