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This topic is about where validators can receive tokens as payment for their services, and miners must pledge a fixed number of LAMBs.

LAMB, or Lambda crypto coin, is a virtual currency used in the Lambda storage network. It is utilized on the unique marketplace for storage space trade, storage mining, and other purposes. Crypto investors also search the crypto as Lamda. 

Large technology giants and industry leaders Worldwide contributed significantly to the project’s financial success. 

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What is the Lamda crypto coin?

The blockchain data storage startup, Lambda, works to create a scalable decentralized storage network.

The team intends to build a data storage ecosystem that includes market-oriented storage transactions and security data verification to deliver maximum capacity storage for dApps.  

It will also offer verifiable data possession services, data privacy protection, cross-chain data management, and multi-chain data cooperative storage.

Besides, it is in the pre-mainnet phase and is scheduled for Q4 of 2019.

Who founded Lambda crypt?

There are no details available about the founders of Lamdanetwork.

Price chart of

  • Price- $ 0.013944
  • 24 Hours low- $ 0.0128
  • 24 Hours High- $ 0.01411
  • 24 Hours Volume- $ 2 495 774
  • All-time High- $ 0.2744
  • All-time Low- $ 0.006601
  • Market Cap- $ 19 809 746
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- $ 139 291 438 
  • Circulating Supply- 1 420 714 074 LAMB coins
  • Total Supply- 6 000 000 000
  • Maximum Supply- 10 000 000 000
  • Market Rank- #746

Lamda Price Prediction and Statics:

Lamda or LAMB crypto coin is about $ $ 0.013944 with approximately $ 2 495 774 trading volume over the past twenty-four hours.

The price of crypto has been up by about 4.79 per cent in the last twenty-four hours. Its current crypto market ranking is #746 with about $ 19 809 746 of its live market cap.

The circulating supply of Lamda is about 1 420 714 074 LAMB coins with about 6 000 000 000 total supply and approximately 10 000 000 000 maximum supply.

Is Lamda crypto coin a good investment?

Lamda network consists of four significant components, including the following:

  • Marketplace
  • Retrieval Miners
  • Storage Miners
  • Validators

Besides, storage nodes receive a set amount of tokens depending on their service level agreements and storage capacity on

How to buy a Lamda crypto coin?

  • If you want to trade Lamda crypto coin, the current leading exchanges you can opt for include Hotcoin Global,, HitBTC, Huobi Global, and OKEx.
  • Store your LAMB in a secure wallet and send it to Freewallet users without transaction fees.

Genesis Lamda Network?

While searching, our experts have also got details of The Genesis LAMDA Network. It was established as the team believed it was critical to promoting emerging talent as they pursue their specific goals of becoming technologists, extraordinary artists, and trailblazers in the creative industries and performing arts. You can search here to get more details about the genesis of the lamda network

Conclusion: is a platform that can be mined as part of the Lambda project. It can be used for storage mining, storage space trade, and other Lambda ecosystem transactions. We have also found a different portal with the same name, Lamda, online.

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