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With the commencement of high-speed internet connections, activities on online platforms have increased. Not only have online gaming sites, shopping websites gained immense attention, but at the same time craze for online novels has increased too.

This write-up will discuss one such online novel known as the Martial Peak and its most trending chapter Martial Peak 1524which has become the most read chapter Worldwide

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Brief introductory about Martial Peak Novel

Martial Peak is one of the trendings and presently an ongoing Chinese novel that has got more than 6000 plus chapters. The story is based on the theme of a Chinese fantasy novel written by author Momo. Presently this novel is being translated by Divine Dao Library. 

This novel is counted within the list of china’s most-read stories and stands within the top 10 list. The book got around a 50million views and topped the chart in June 2014. Out of the most read chapter is Martial Peak, Chapter 1524The novel also stayed in the top list chart for July 2015 and is one of the most read phone novels available online.

Summary of the Martial Peak Novel

The Martial Peak novel portrays the arduous journey to become a martial peak, which is defined as solitary, lonely, and a long journey in the story. To continue this problematic journey, one must face all the adversity to survive and stay unyielding. One must go through the high heaven pavilion tests and abide by all the disciplinary rules in the most dedicated way to prepare for the journey. 

Description for Martial Peak Chapter 1524

The martial peak novel consists of the journey of Kai Yang, a lowly sweeper who managed to get the black book, which led him set on the road of Martial World to reach the Peak. Chapter 1524 of Martial Peak is titled “You Don’t Need To Know,” This chapter consists of Ye Xi Yun’s return story. 

Ye Xi Yun is the Senior sister Ye who reappeared after 100 years. She stated that she was forced to stay and survive in seclusion for the last 100 years. Ye Xi Yun was considered the strongest master of Shadowed Star, and now her strength is assumed to be greater after a hundred years. 

What’s so special about the Martial Peak 1524 chapter?

After the return of Ye Xi Yun, everyone present on Star Emperor Mountain thought could not better place anyone in the Master Sect position than her. When Ye Xi Yun had the charge of Star Emperor Mountain, the cultivation environment was much better than now. 

She is also considered to be the strongest of all the Third order origin Realm masters. Hence this story created excitement within the readers and made this chapter 1524 the most read chapter.


The complete Novel of Martial Peak  is found to be overwhelming, and readers are completely addicted to the whole novel, and Martial Peak 1524 numbered chapter is the most loved. The 1524th chapter holds suspense about Ye Xi Yun’s return and why she was missing for the past years?

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