[Uncensored] Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Watch Link: Explore Information On couple name, And location

This post on the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Watch Link will update you about the viral video clip and couple name of the Kulhad Pizza couple. Please read.

Are you aware of the recent incident that happened in Jalandhar? People were shocked to learn about the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Watch Link as the couple has been put into trouble by some unknown person. Their fans in Canada, Australia, India, and the United States are eager to know about the incident and how this viral video circulated online. So, please read more details on this viral video.

Know More About Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Watch Link

As per the online sources, the viral couple of Punjab selling kulhad pizza was put into trouble after their video went viral online. People are sharing the link of the couple’s viral video with their family and friends on social media sites such as Instagram. The couple has lodged an FIR against this viral video. Many of their fans are searching for the link to the video on social media and online sites. Moreover, the video has been posted on many sites, but some sites have deleted it.

Kulhad pizza couple name!

As per online sources, the Kulhad pizza couple who is popular worldwide for their pizza-making skills in Kulhad (a kind of earthen pot) has been trending due to their viral video. The name of the couple is Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur. Recently, the couple has been blessed with a baby. But, the incident has traumatized the lives of the couple. 

Kulhad pizza viral video clip: Where it is found? 

The clip of the couple has been shared on several social media sites like Instagram, Reddit, etc. In the video, the couple can be seen nude and in compromising conditions. The video seems to be shot by Sehaj Arora. The video is now available on many sites. However, some sites have deleted the original video due to the privacy policy of the online sites.

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Kulhad pizza couple location

As per online sources, Sehaj and Gurpreet run a street-side outlet of Kulhad Pizza. Their shop is located in Jalandhar, a small city in the Punjab region. They reside in the same city. The couple started their journey a long time ago. Gurpreet and Sehaj found love in each other and they started dating each other. The kulhad pizza couple name went viral when the lady joined Sehaj in his journey and they earned a name and fame after many food bloggers came and circulated their unique idea of kulhad pizza. Their outlet has been increasing after people loved their concept of kulhad pizza. 

More details on the viral video! 

As per the statement given by Sehaj, he received this video on his Instagram account and the blackmailer demanded money from them else he warned to leak the video. However, Sehaj did not pay the amount and reported this incident to the police. As per the Kulhad pizza couple location, the police were unable to take any strict action and Sehaj also neglected and did not pay much attention to it. Later, the blackmailer leaked the video online. Sehaj also posted a video on Instagram in which he said that the video is fake and has been morphed. Furthermore, Sehaj warned the blackmailer through the latest Instagram video that if any harm is caused to his wife and newly born child after this incident, he will not spare him and strict action will be taken against him. However, there were claims that it was an original kulhad pizza viral video clip.

Sehaj has complained about Thana number 4 of Jalandhar and the police team has now become more active and taking this incident more seriously. They are trying to track the person who was blackmailing the couple. 

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Summing up this research here, we have informed the readers about the viral video of the Kulhad Pizza couple. We would only say that people should not spread any false information. 

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