{Full Watch} Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Link On Instagram: Check If It Is Real, couple location

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Link On Instagram: Is the video Real & What is the couple location?

Who is the Kulhad Pizza Couple? What kind of video went viral about the Kulhad Pizza Couple? Where are the couple from? What are their names? If you wish to learn about the Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Link On Instagram, this article is perfect. People from India are trying to check facts related to this couple, which is famous for their Kulhad Pizza. 

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Link On Instagram

An explicit video had gone viral on social media & Instagram that allegedly had Gurpreet Kaur and her husband Sehaj Arora (Kulhad Pizza couple). However, the couple denied the rumors. Sehaj posted a video on his Instagram account tagging her wife Gurpreet and telling everyone how they received ransom texts and threatened to leak private videos. 

He also reassured his followers that the video had been morphed and it was fake. He posted this video on his Instagram account and also pleaded with his fans & supporters to immediately stop this video from spreading more and more. Sehaj sincerely revealed that he had filed a police complaint.

About kulhad pizza couple location & More

The Gurpreet and Sehaj tied the knot on 20 May 2021, and they are well known for offering distinctive pizza styles in kulhads. The couple is living in Jalandhar, a city in the Punjab State of India. Before marriage, Gurpreet lived in Jaipur and worked there. Over a year ago, the couple became popular on the internet. 

They became well-known thanks to Khulhad Pizza, and they are also famous as influencers on social media. The couple looks young, around the age of 28 or so. When the scandal took place, the couple was preoccupied with their newborn baby.  

Details About Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real

The viral video had 18+ and objectionable footage of a couple involved in some private moments. In the video, only the female’s face was visible, and it was morphed into Gurpreet’s face. Everyone who saw the footage considered it as after-marriage fun, as the female in the video was sporting red bangles. Full hands of red bangles are worn by mostly Punjabi females right after their marriage. 

The couple filed an FIR with the concerned police authorities. Also, it urged people to stop spreading & sharing the false video because it was causing emotional & cerebral damage to his wife and his family.

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Police’s Investigation on Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real 

Police proceeded with the investigation quickly and tried to find the offender after Sehaj submitted the complaint. According to Sehaj, after receiving threatening texts a few weeks prior (which he did not report to the police), the footage was eventually leaked. 

Further investigation revealed a police officer’s video discussing this case and demonstrating that a 23-year-old woman called Sonia had been detained as a suspect in the Khulhad Pizza couple viral video case. The arrest has been made on 21 September 2023. Gurpreet has not yet spoken on this controversy because she may be recovering from childbirth. 

Social Media Account & kulhad pizza couple location

Their pizza café style shop is also located in Jalandhar. Here are the links to the social media accounts. 

Instagram Links

Gurpreet Kaur:

Sehaj Arora:

YouTube Link:

Twitter Link:

Facebook Link:

Fresh Bites (Kulhad Pizza)

The couple has a huge following on all of their social media platforms. They have over 30 to 50 thousand followers across all social media platforms except Twitter. 


The legitimacy of Gurpreet Kaur’s explicit footage has been debated on the internet, and in this article, we have discussed it along with the facts. Sehaj Arora reported the Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Link On Instagram to the police and informed everyone that it was a hoax. He also spoke of receiving threatening texts and criminals requesting money and threatened the couple to leak the private content. The Jalandhar police have detained a 23-year-old woman named Sonia as the perpetrator. If you want to know about the couple and their success story, click here.

Have you ever visited the Fresh Bites, AKA Kulhad Pizza café? Please let us know about your Kulhad pizza experience in the comments. 

Disclaimer: The video discussed in the article has 18+ content. Thus, we are not attaching the link. 

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