Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed {April} Know The Truth!

This post will discuss Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed and why it has recently

Do you know why people have been going on the streets promoting weed recently?

There was so much hype about this occasion on many social media platforms. In this post, we will discuss it in detail, and you will also know why it is celebrated. 

It has become a ritual in public to celebrate different kinds of days like Father’s Day, daughter’s day, sisters’ day etc. One of those is World weed day. It is celebrated in many countries, especially in The United States, Canada and many countries worldwide. In this post, let us know more about Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed further. 

Why Is This Day Celebrated?

There are different kinds of theories about this day and why it is celebrated. According to Hager, it is believed that in 1971, 5 high school students in California used to smoke at 4:20 pm every day. It has become a kind of ritual for them. Soon it became a code for these things. And now, it is celebrated on 4/20 as a holiday for cannabis. It is otherwise a day for celebration and having fun, and for no other reason, it is celebrated to push forward with the legalization of it. 

Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed?

4/20 is the date, as you might have guessed, and this day, 4/20, is celebrated as

World weed day. Where thousands of smokers gather together to consume weed on April 4, 20, is an unofficial holiday to celebrate marijuana, a type of things that is partially legal in the U.S.

We don’t know the exact celebration of this day, but there are several beliefs among people about 420. One of the beliefs about 420 is that it is a marijuana penal code, but those claim no solid evidence is there to prove it just yet. 

How is it celebrated?

Now you know Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed here is how people celebrate this day. On this occasion, several rallies are organized, and several events are organized worldwide where thousands of people gather together to celebrate marijuana and mark 4/20 as a remarkable day for weed smokers.

Because of this, with passing time, more and more countries are legalizing marijuana. Currently, it is legalized in around 18 states of the U.S. It has been a trending topic of discussion recently, and everybody on the internet is posting about Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed recently.

Conclusion –

Above we have discussed the celebration of weed day. There are so many opinions

on this topic, in favour or in against. All this information is as per research and we do not promote such things. So, it can’t be decided whether its celebration is valid or not. If you want to know more about what states and territories have legalized weed use, check out this link:  

Do you want to know more about 4/20? If so, let us know more about it in the comments section below and share Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed to inform others about it. 

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