Keepers Oath Jessica Watkins: Check Details On Kelly Meggs Oath Keepers!

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A federal trial has just started in the United States where it is to be adjudged whether the militia group which associates with far right and goes by the name of Oath Keepers is responsible or not. This has led to create many headlines in the media and social media alike. One person called Keepers Oath Jessica Watkins, who is among the five whose trial is going to begin this week, for creating ruckus and armament in the Capitol shall be putting out the defense. 


All about the Oath Keepers’ Trial 

Our intention in this article is to get you the most accurate and reliable information collected from the most authentic sources available online. The trial of Watkins has its own importance as there are fifty other people on whom the proceedings are to begin very soon. She is basically accused of the conspiracy and therefore a strong charge is made by the prosecution against her. 

We shall also be talking about Kelly Meggs Oath Keepers but there is another accused who shall also be in the limelight. The leader of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes who allegedly called for a civil war is one of the main perpetrators of the offence. Oath Keepers is believed to be a vocal supporter of far right agendas and his trial would pave the way for another subsequent trials in the Ohio Courts. All and around 140 police officers were injured and many people died in the attack. But now, trails are beginning and more reports on the proceedings shall come soon. 

What to Expect from the Keepers Oath Jessica Watkins?

The Ohioan defendant Jessica Watkins is expected to be putting up a defense of abetment or something but it is not very clear. There are charges of conspiracy which means that they did not just follow crowd but was leading it for some extraneous purposes. The concept of ulterior motive is also to be associated with Watkins. 

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Jessica Watkins is famously known as, among her peers, Captain or Cap. She is one of the leading members of the Ohio based far right militia group ‘Oath Keepers’. As the trial begins, Keepers Oath Jessica Watkins shall be the focus of media for quite some time. There are around 49 more accused who shall also purportedly be put on trial. To know more, see Oath Keeper leader spoke of ‘civil war’ ahead of Jan. 6 Capitol attack-U.S. prosecutors 

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