Which Serial Killer Killed The Most People? Also Find Who Has The Most Kills In History!

Read exclusive facts to know Which Serial Killer Killed The Most People? Also, check what influenced them to become a criminal.

When checking the pages of history to know about the crime rate and criminals, we come across the weirdest incident. Criminals not only kill innocent children but are also involved in brutally injuring, painfully tying up, straggling, mummifying, storing remains of corpses, physically assaulting, sodomizing, and kidnapping people. 

People in the United States wanted to know about Luis Garavito and Pedro López, who killed more than 300 people. Let’s check the details about Which Serial Killer Killed The Most People

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About Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos:

Luis, also named The Monster of Génova, was born on 25th-January-1957 to Rosa Delia Cubillos and Manuel Antonio Garavito in Colombia. 

His crime includes physical assault with corpses and under-aged kids between 6 to16 years, pederast, tortures, mutilation, and murders of more than 200 minors. He became a killer at the early age of 23-years old.

He was arrested in April 1999 by Policía Nacional de Colombia. He was sentenced to 2,710 years and 9 days of total imprisonment.

Who Has The Most Kills In History?

As per sources, Luis Garavito and Pedro López topped the list of serial killers. Luis span of crimes is determined to be between 1980 and 1999, covering areas of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

About Pedro Alonso López:

Pedro, also named The Monster of the Andes, was born on 8th-October-1948 to Benilda López De Casteneda in Colombia. From an early are, he witnessed whoredom acts of his mother. As per sources, at the age of 8 years, he tried physically assaulting his sister, due to which he was evicted from the home.

He physically assaulted more than 110 underage girls, killed over 300 people, and vehicle theft, answering Which Serial Killer Killed The Most People? His crime span was between 1969 and 2002, covering Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. 

He was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment. Due to his psychiatric health, he was also sent to Colombia psychiatric health facility.

Note: All details are based on online sources, we are personally not blaming anyone.


As per sources, Luis’s father physically and emotionally assaults Luis and his mother. Rosa was also a violent woman. Both the couple had an unstable marital relationship. Similarly, Pedro witnessed a gloomy childhood due to his mother’s illicit profession. Violence during early childhood days builds a criminal personality.

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