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If you are a fan of the TV series Young Justice, you must read this article about the upcoming episode with Justice Razer Young

Who doesn’t love super heros? After all, we have all grown up on such stories and characters. As we grow, we may not be dedicated to these superhero characters as we used to but still, there is a sense of nostalgia that ties us to them.

Hence it is no doubt why platforms such as HBO are gaining attention from people of the United States and the United KingdomThe Justice Razer Young is the new buzz in town contributed by HBO. 

So buckle up to find out more about this new addition.

What is Young Justice?

For the people who may not be familiar with the TV series Young Justice is an animated TV series about superheroes. This series which is now airing on HBO Max, is the brainchild of Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman. Originally this series was created to be aired on Cartoon Network.

The show focuses on young grown-ups and teen superheroes from the DC universe. Currently, the show is trending because of Razer DC Young Justice which was introduced in season 4 of the show. Every episode of the show is around 23-25 minutes.

Reviews by fans 

Season 4 of the TV series Young Justice started and is called Young Justice: Phantoms. In episode 19 of the season, “Encounter Upon the Razor’s Edge,” reviews showed that fans have felt excited and happy to see some familiar faces on the show. The episode also marks the return of Razor, a character from Green Lantern, which has started some confusion in fans about the timeline of the show.

Details about Razer DC Young Justice

So as many fans know, Razer is one of the characters from Green Lantern: The Animated Series. The character of Razer is voiced in the series by Jason Spisak. He solely belonged to the animated series and was previously a Red Lantern. He changed his way once he started to question his master Atrocitus. 

The character of Razor also has a love interest in another character named Aya, who eventually passes away in the series. This incident makes the Razor take a vow to find Aya once again.  Hence bringing him to the episode of Young Justice as Justice Razer Young

Find out more about the storyline of the Razor by reading.

Concluding thoughts

To summarize everything that has been said so far, we can say that adding one of the old characters in the new season was a great creative choice. The viewers of DC universe who have been following the show for some time enjoyed seeing the character in the new series as it brought back nostalgic memories. Even though some questions seem to be unanswered overall, it was a great episode.

Have you watched the new episode with Justice Razer Young? Let us know how you feel about the new episode in the comment section below. 

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