Razer Zephyr Pro Mask {Jan 2022} Features & Details

This news is a complete insight into the disposable Mask introduced to protect the environment and Razer Zephyr Pro Mask less wastage.

Are you also looking for a mask with the pro amplifier and breathe freely gods situated in the filter? If yes, read below for more info on a new amplification of Mask launched.

Users from Canada and the United States are looking for a new verification of mass that also allows the voice amplification to be sustainable and concept free e n a long term duration with seamless efforts. With the new price and policies, one can visit the details below.

Our experts have suggested a new science behind the launch in the standard version of the Razer Zephyr Pro Mask.

About Razer Zephyr Pro

With new speedwell chambers as an antique function and a sustainable free multifunction button that gives two-way protection, a new mask is launched into the market, aiming to provide standard regulatory amplification. 

The new pro version of The Mask is silenced with the technology and suitable for patients pending voice amplification. 

Focusing on the bacterial filtration to be the highest and breathable rate to be accurate, this Mask was introduced by the national occupational safety and health to normalize the anti-fog and Razer Zephyr Pro Mask dark disposable environment effect.


The new introduced Mask have authentic features that I am listed as below:-

  • It is one of the safest and sustainable Masks that can be used socially for any concept in terms of design and protection.
  • It has an N95 grid filter, giving an award-winning concept of filtration and voice amplification.
  • The technology used in the Mask is muffled and easy to convey
  • The Mask is made up with a standard regulator re principles and is tested authentically
  • Compared to other Mask Razer Zephyr Pro Mask is disposable and provides a safeguard from the effect of public activities
  • With 4200 r.p.m. it is multifunction for chamber filtration and air circulation
  • With toggles fan and silicone face seal, it is comfortable according to the standard nose and mouth size
  • It acts like personal equipment of protection


  • Breathing efficiency – 13.2 mm
  • Disposable efficiency – 5.0 mm
  • Filtration specification and efficiency –  99%
  • Standard testing measurements – adopted by the national institute of occupational safety and health (NIOSH)
  • Environment intended rate – normal
  • Reusable structure –  reusable with filters and products available online

Razer Zephyr Pro Mask Availability

If one wants to purchase the refilling products for the new Mask, they can visit the Razer Store. The store is also providing a special discount based on the code RSLCES22. The shipping details for this code to work must be above dollar 99. 

One can also visit the store physically on the streets of WA, 46th St. Seattle- 98105, 2616 NE.


Concluding this news, our experts state that the Chroma RGB reflects 16.8 million colors when in contact with the head-turning effect of the environment. In addition, the latest technology of the 3-day replaceable filter and Razer Zephyr Pro Mask people are utilizing the available products.

Have you visited the official site for purchasing?

Comment below your opinion on the refill filter packs available on razer.com!

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