Junior Guzman Video Twitter And Telegram: Full Reddit Feliz Information Covered!

Find out the complete story of Junior Guzman Video Twitter And Telegram, and watch the Reddit comments.

Have you seen a horrible gang assault video trending on social media with the name Junior Guzman? The tragic event took place on 20 June 2018 outside the store in the Bronx area of New York City.

People from France and the United States recalled the movements when they saw the documentary on Amazon Prime. However, many people were unaware of the Junior Guzman Video Twitter And Telegram, so let’s get full details of the incident. 

Junior Guzman Video Twitter And Telegram Story 

Netizens are trying to find out the complete story of the incident. However, the shocking incident was so terrible that everyone was terrified and talking about the murder case on social media. The incident began when a 15-year-old teenager, Guzman, tried to outrun a gang who were trying to kill him. 

Junior Guzman Feliz entered a nearby departmental store and tried to hide behind the counters, but the store owner was surprised and tried to push him away. The store owner, Crew, felt that he was going to get robbed. Later, when Crew saw a teenage Gang trying to drag him away and kill him, he called 911 for emergency help. 

Junior Guzman Full Video

Recently, Netizens are asking for the full video of the incident where the gang members killed him. The documentary movie of Junior Guzman contains a replica scenario of the area and the situation where a machete murdered him. 

However, there’s no such Junior Guzman Feliz video that contains the whole incident. Moreover, the footage available on social media was recorded by the CCTV camera. Unfortunately, there were no cameras outside the departmental store, and the incident took place in a blind spot, where gang members murdered him.

Public Reaction on Junior Guzman Video Reddit 

People are talking on Reddit about the incident and the cartel wars taking place in New York City. However, the people who murdered junior Guzman were arrested, and the court called them for 23 years of imprisonment. 

The story of Junior Guzman Feliz is so heartbreaking, and now, even after a couple of years, people are still remembering him and talking about the incident on social media. However, some people had no idea about the incident and didn’t see the video of Guzman asking for the full video links to watch the whole incident.

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Who is Responsible for Junior Guzman Feliz‘s death? 

Netizens have mixed reviews; some of them are calling the store owner responsible for the death of the victim. In contrast, some people blame the cartel and the gang wars responsible for such inevitable violence. Overall, people have different opinions, but it’s a fact that Guzman’s death brought chaos to the people of Bronks. 

Bio Details of Junior Guzman Feliz 

Full Name Lesandro Guzman Feliz
Age  15 years old
Date of Birth 11 November 2002
Date of Death 20 June 2018
Parents  Father: Lisandro Guzman Mother: Leandra Feliz
Sibling  Genesis Collado-Feliz and Manuel Ortiz 

Social Media Link 


idk if y’all remember but this Junior Guzman Feliz, the kid that got slashed and stabbed inside a bodega a year or two ago in a gang killing. They thought he was someone else. He was only fifteen🕊Rest in Peace
byu/SadChoppaHours inNYStateOfMind


Final Verdict 

Netizens are widely demanding Junior Guzman Full Video where they can find out how he was murdered and who the suspect was. Currently, social media is trending with the viral clip of CCTV footage from the store where the opposition Gang dragged him out. As per the information, the gang members find out that Guzman is from the Rival Gang, and they kill him. 

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