[Watch] Jihandi John Gore Drone Video Viral On Telegram: Is This Footage Available on Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Twitter?

The article details Jihandi John Gore Drone Video Viral on Telegram and finds out whether the video is still available on the platform.

Have you watched the Jihandi John video circulating online? People Worldwide are shocked to find the video and terrified after coming across it online. John was known for killing people abruptly, and the officials attacked him through a US drone. There are no official reports on whether he was killed or is still alive.

In this post, we will discuss the Jihandi John Gore Drone Video Viral On Telegram and find more in-depth details about the video.

Disclaimer- We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

Jihandi John Drone Footage

The gore videos have always attracted people’s attention, and this time, the Jihadi John gore video has managed to do the same. Reports suggest that the drone video footage goes viral on the Telegram channel, and people can watch the video there. However, we have not found any such links to the brutal murder that the Jihadis commit.

The beheading video is going viral online, and Jihadi John, also known as Mohammad Emwazi, is believed to be killed by the Islamic states. The magazine has confirmed the news of his death about how he died in a drone strike.

Complete Details of the Footage on Reddit 

The gore video is not found on Reddit as it is unsuitable for people to watch. But other websites explain the details about Jihadi John and how the US drone killed him in November. The ISIS group released an obituary in his name. The jihadi was known for killing several people, including a journalist, UK worker David Haines, and taxi driver Alan Henning.

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Is the video available on TikTok

The video is not available on TikTok, and since the news came into the limelight, people have been interested in knowing the complete details of the video. Unfortunately, we cannot post any sensitive content here in this article, and most importantly, we cannot provide any gore video links in our article. Jihadi John was born in Kuwait and was killed on November 12 by a drone strike while traveling in his car in Raqqa.

Are there any posts on Instagram?

There are no posts on Instagram regarding the video. Emwazi was first known in 2014 when he appeared in a video and murdered the US journalist. Surprisingly, when his data came out, people were shocked to know that he had graduated in computer programming and had grown up in London. He has also appeared in several videos where he is seen beheading several people.

Netizens reaction on Twitter

People are terrified after knowing about him, and those who unfortunately came across the video are in colossal shock. Since his videos circulated, he became the target of the US government, and they planned on killing him. After the drone strike, the US president said it was the right choice and the correct thing to do as he was a threat to the entire nation. The US authorities are working with the allies to track down his information.

Social media links 





Jihadi John, also known as Mohammad Emwazi, created chaos among people and the authorities. The beheading videos he released online show him masked, and he said the killings he did were an answer to the UK government who harassed him for no cause. We are still awaiting more details to discover the truth behind the allegations.

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