Jung Ho-Yeon Siblings {Dec 2021} Know Her Family Detail!

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Ho-Yeon Jung was born on 23/Jun/1994 in Seoul in South Korea. Jung is a fashion model and actress. Her fans from Australia, the United States, and India want to know about her family because of her excellent roleplay as Kang Sae-byeok in the NetFlix series Squid Game. She had signed up with the NetFlix series on 17/Sep/2021, and within a month, she had more than 14.8 million followers on Instagram @hoooooyeony.

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About Jung Ho-Yeon:

She is ranked number 50 among top fashion models and as a Top Upcoming Model. She also became the top Korean actress on social media on 04/Oct/2021.Jung is a bold model who started her career in the fashion industry at the early age of 16. She appeared in many fashion shows. But, her career picked up in 2017. 

She appeared as an actor in 4 music videos, various shows and advertisements. Jung is unmarried. However, she has a boyfriend – Lee Dong-hwi, also from the fashion and entertainment industry. The couple started dating in 2016. 

Jung Ho-Yeon Siblings:

Jung completed her schooling at Hyewon Girls’ High School and graduated with modelling as a major subject from Dongduk Women’s University. 

Jung is the surname. She is called Chung. She has two siblings. She is the eldest among a brother and a sister. She is 27 years old. Jung’s sister is two years younger than her. The information about her family is withheld from the public. The names, personal and professional life of her siblings are unknown. 

Available information from reliable sources suggests that she had to work to support her family. Jung Ho-Yeon Siblings, her younger brother, is getting educated. She said that she would like to educate him and then return to their mother. The information about her parents and their life is also withheld from the public. 

The social media posts of Jung’s younger sister has limited information, and social media accounts are tagged as Hoyeon. With further analyses, Jung’s sister account name included the name as MoMi. But, there is no information available with such first and surname. Therefore, her first name remains a mystery. 

Jung often posts pictures of her brother. With analyses of the picture of Jung Ho-Yeon Siblings, it seems that her brother is between 11 to 13 years old (or) approximately 14 to 17 years younger than Jung, suggesting that he may have been born in late 2000. Jung travels to different locations in the world for filmmaking. Pictures with her brother once she returns to her hometown suggest that her brother is residing in South Korea.


It is unclear why Jung did not mention her family details in any interviews and on any online encyclopedia; as there are no security issues raised for her yet. Jung Ho-Yeon Siblings financial support to educate her brother raises eyebrows about her parent’s support to the family and family’s finances. But, her efforts are highly appreciated.

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