Tarponseas Reviews {March 2022} Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

The following article is based on Tarponseas Reviews. So read it till the end and know whether it is safe or not to shop from here.

Do you want furniture for your new homes or want to upgrade your old furniture? Then you must be looking for a new website to shop for good furniture from. This article will surely help you as in today’s article you will get all the specifications and small details about the website tarponseas.com. Do you want to know that is this website legit? Will you get a quality product or not. Many people from the United States are concerned about the legitimacy of this website based on Tarponseas ReviewsSo the below article will be helpful to clear your doubts. 

What is Tarponseas.com? 

This website is an online e-commerce portal where furniture and other products are available. The website claims that quality material is being offered to its customers. The following products are available in their store: 

  • Chairs
  • Shelf
  • backpack chairs
  • tables
  • Plastic chairs

After checking their website, it seems that the company has tried to provide many details and information to the site’s Interface. Contact details, address, the email address is also available on the site. But we couldn’t see any social media pages for this site. So, Is Tarponseas Legitread below to know the answer to this question

Specifications of Tarponseas.com: 

  • This URL will take you to the official website: https://tarponseas.com
  • The maximum delivery charges are $11.99.
  • It takes 5 to 10 business days to ship the order.
  • Worldwide shipping will take 15 to 20 days.
  • the website also offers a 30-day return policy
  • Cancellation of orders can be done before its shipment.
  • You can contact the company through support@tarponseas.com
  • The company has provided google location on their contact us page.
  • Contact details that are mentioned on the website are +1 (218) 250-9873.
  • PayPal and credit cards are available.

Also, have a glimpse at the Tarponseas Reviews to confirm the Websites legitimacy.

Pros of using tarponseas.com 

  • The Interface of the website is clean and informative.
  • A great range of products can be seen available.
  • the company have also provided other information like address details, contact information, email address
  • Worldwide delivery of the product is also available

Cons of using tarponseas.com 

  • Tarponseas.com obtained a very low score based on trust rank.
  • The website obtains a very poor Alexa rank.
  • We also could not find the reviews about this site on any platform.
  • No social media handles were found that were linked with tarponseas.com.

Is Tarponseas Legit? 

As A matter of safety, it is very important and recommended that you check all the trust points of a website. Because it is very hard to trust a new website in the market, any of these websites could be a scam. So read the points below: 

  • Tarponseas.com is a newly formed website and cannot be considered as an old website as its domain was created around two months from now. 
  • This website has ranked too low in Alexa ranking.
  • We could also not found any presence on social media on this website. 
  • No reviews or feedback can be obtained from the web provided by any user based on Tarponseas Reviews.

Reviews about this site by previous customers 

As we receive our order or product that we ordered from a website. We firstly check the quality of that product and then only we tend to use the product. If the product is not good, we provide feedback to the company. So this feedbacks are very important to future customer so that they could know about the website and should not waste their money on such products. We searched for customer reviews about terponseas.com based on Tarponseas Reviewsbut there was no availability of any reviews on the web. 

It should be clear by reading the above points that this website is good and has some bad points about this site. Moreover, this website is too young. So it would help if you currently shopped from trusted and safe websites.

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As per our case study on Tarponseas Reviews, we cannot say it is a trusted website as it lacks many checkpoints  to call it a legit website. But as it is created recently, we cannot say anything that this website is legit or a scam. 

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26 thoughts on “Tarponseas Reviews {March 2022} Is It Legit Or Another Scam?”

  1. I ordered from Garnetny and never got product. Tarponseas and Garnetny have the exact same address of 304 Sharron Dr. New Cumberland PA 17070 which is a single family home. DO NOT USE THESE SITES THEY ARE A SCAM they will definitely take your money.

    • I got the same problem. I ordered the product but can never got it. I filled dispute with the credit card company. Please don’t order anything from this website. It’s a SCAM!!

      • Hello Lindsay, Did you get your refund? You took the right decision to check with credit card company. Buyers don’t purchase anything from them. Please read such comments and carry on. Be careful. Thanks. Take care.

  2. Definitely a scam. I ordered from Tarpon Seas. Never received product. Phone number on website is disconnected and the email bounces back with failed delivery. Luckily PayPal refunded my money.

    • Hello Syd B, Happy to hear you got a refund. Buyers be aware and stay away from such scammers. If you think the portal is fake, directly request it to the payment company for a refund. This is a better option to deal with. Thanks for the update. Take care.


    • Hello FABIO, Can understand how you must be feeling. If there is no chance to communicate with them, please try for refund option. See whether you get money back. Try with the known portals you will get quality and assurance to get the product. Please update. Thanks.

  4. SCAM ALERT- They charged my card two weeks ago for two chairs. I have yet to receive a confirmation email, let alone the products. Tried calling the customer service number but it’s disconnected. Emailed but nothing yet…

    • Hello Katie, feel sad about the order you have not received yet. It seems they are scammers as many buyers had experienced the same problem. Your valuable information will help the buyers to remain safe. Hope you get confirmation at earlier. Take care. Thanks.

  5. I tried to order from tarponseas.com, I got all the way through name, address, item and when I tried to checkout I got this message:
    Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.

    Huh?? Minnesota doesn’t have credit or debit or PayPal? Since when?.

    I vote SCAM for this site.

    • Hello Cheri Peterson, Yes, it seems scam. Many of them experienced and faced the same issue. They have not received the chair. So it is advised not to deal with such scammers. The information will be helpful for the buyers to take care of it and save their money. Thanks.

    • Hello Debbie Ramis, Yes Big scammers are around us. Be careful when you deal with any product in the marketplace especially online. You will find some positive reviews too but they are just to attract the minds of the customers. Hope you get your order on time. Thanks.

  6. I placed an order 6 days ago to tarponseas.com. Within 24 hours I contacted them stating I had not received a confirmation email (2 ways – i) using form on the ‘Contact Us’ page online and ii) normal email with an attachment (PDF of the order). I’m getting this regarding my email: Mail Delivery Subsystem

    Error Icon
    Message not delivered
    There was a problem delivering your message to support@tarponseas.com.

    So today I searched for reviews and found this site. Gosh darn it looks like I won’t be getting my order!!! I let my bank’s fraud department know and at least the charges have been reinstated on my account. I’m considering them to be a SCAM, but I will issue a retraction if I receive the goods.

    • Hello MikeE, Yes you searched right. It seems they are scammers. Because if you check no one has received the order yet. So bit challenging to get it. You can reach your bank to know about it. You will better get an idea. Drop the message here. Take care.

  7. I placed an order on Nov. 16th, and yet to receive a confirmation. I cannot get through the hotline, nor email nor the contact us. They took payment on Nov. 16th. I will contact my bank’s fraud dept today, to try to recover the money. This is very disturbing.

    • Hello Tracy, Yes, this is the last option of a refund for the buyers. Please go through reviews or comments before you purchase anything online. It is the need of the hour, because the scammers are much smarter. They are making scams everyday with new tricks that the common buyer will not get to know unless he is trapped. You can directly contact your bank. Thanks. Please update.

  8. Total scam site. Never got a confirmation of my order but took my money. Charge is currently in dispute. No contact with business is possible, bad phone numbers and emails are undeliverable. DO NOT SHOP HERE.

  9. Yikes. Reading all the negative emails doesn’t fill me with confidence about this company. I was going to order some chairs but, I guess, I’ll take my business someplace else.

  10. I think it’s safe to say, it the prices looks way cheaper than you’ve seen it elsewhere, it’s a scam. That’s why I always research websites before I order.


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