[Watch] Phoebe Viral Video Link: Why Tape is Trending on Social Media? Know Here!

The write-up below sheds light on the Phoebe Viral Video Link case. We also discussed how the victim confronted the public and talked about the fake allegations.

Is anyone trying to pull Phoebe Down? Recently, TikTok was flooded with another leaked explicit video. And the person was recognized as a famous influencer. People got no chill when they learned this creator’s tape leaked. But there was more to this case, which gave these people Worldwide a reality check.

Stay with us until the end to get all the details about the Phoebe Viral Video Link and its consequences.

Disclaimer– We are not involved in promoting and influencing people on explicit content. This article is purely for knowledge purposes. The information readers will find in the write-up is available on the Internet, and we are not misguiding with the same.

What was in Phoebe’s viral video?

A video is roaming the Internet, where people directly connect with Phoebe. This video has a highly explicit scene, and the girl is slightly visible to the viewers. A guy and a woman are engaged in private activity, recorded with hidden purposes.

People who saw the explicit video claimed that the girl was Phoebe, a famous influencer. But as this disgusting tape targeted Phoebe, she did not keep her silence and talked about her side.

Comment from the Influencer about Phoebe Video Tape

As things were getting out of hand and the video was getting outrageous comments, Phoebe decided to talk it out publicly about this controversy. She addressed the audience on the Instagram account and said because the girl in the video has the same hairstyle as hers, it doesn’t mean the girl in the video is Phoebe.

She also added that she is not into jewelry, but the girl in the video has worn jewelry. She said the clip, which is going viral, is not a complete video, and someone has chopped it and made it seem like Phoebe is in the video to drag her down.

Why did she address her Phoebe Video Tape controversy?

According to Phoebe, it was necessary to say her point of view to the public as her name and reputation were on the verge of damage. She also stated that this would affect her brand integrity, so telling people to stop believing and spreading fake news about her was necessary.

She was straight with her comments and told people not to involve her in explicit gossip without getting any official and valid reasons. According to her, many signs indicated that she was not the girl in the video and people should now stop spreading hate.

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Information about the victim Phoebe Trending Video

  • Her video went viral on Reddit and Telegram and was Trending on TikTok.
  • Phoebe’s full name is Phoebe Odekina Ejura, and she is widely known as justkingphoebe
  • The video where she addressed the explicit video is still available on her Instagram account. 
  • She is a famous Nigerian Content creator and Influencer. She is famous on Instagram as well.
  • On Instagram, 567K people follow her because of her content, which includes numerous videos and vlogs.
  • Her Instagram account is public. Any people interested in watching Phoebe Video Tape reaction can visit Phoebe’s Instagram account.

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It is concluded from Phoebe’s side that the video is not hers. And some are framing her to pull down her image, which she has created with hard work.

Should people stop dragging influences and celebrities into such a mess? Comment below with your views about this whole controversy.

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