Is Juneteenth a Bank Holiday in 2022 {June} Get Update!

Latest News Is Juneteenth a Bank Holiday in 2022

This article is a wholesome summary of Juneteenth to answer mainly Is Juneteenth a Bank Holiday in 2022 or not.      

Are you against slavery? Do you wish to stop racism in the world? If so, you must be acquainted with Juneteenth, an important day related to the liberation of enslaved people. It is a sort of festival in the United States related to the remembrance of enslaved African Americans. 

Juneteenth is a unique name as well as a concept. But, it was never a holiday for anyone. Because of the past few years’ happenings, people are keen to know this year whether Is Juneteenth a Bank Holiday in 2022 or not. Let’s check below-

Is It A Bank Holiday This Year? 

Juneteenth is a special day that is celebrated on 19th June 2022. It commemorates enslaved African Americans who got liberation back in 1865. It is the celebration of all 50 states of the United States

However, as we mentioned above, it wasn’t a holiday. But, Mr. Joe Biden, on 17th June 2021, ratified it as a holiday into the national constitution. Hence, Juneteenth was a National Holiday this year, and all banks and stock markets were closed on 19th June.

Why Is It Called Juneteenth

This word is a mixture of two major words, June and Nineteenth. In December 1865, people were delighted with the news when General Granger made his statement. His announcement was regarding the authorized liberation of the final enslaved Black Americans in Texas.

So, these moments of happiness led people to call this day some unique representation. Since then, we have known 19th June as Juneteenth, which sounds beautiful, and its story is more than beautiful. Union Army General Gordon Granger also suggested this name. 

Why Is Juneteenth a Bank Holiday in 2022 Question Trending? 

This question and this news are trending for evident reasons. Before 2021, there was no holiday celebrated on this day. But, last year was surprising for people when they experienced something new. That’s why they were a little bit quizzical and were trying to resolve all their confusion regarding the holiday. 

What All Were Closed on Juneteenth? 

After getting enough information about the closure of banks and stock markets, you must be interested in more institutions. If this is so, don’t worry; we are here with all information related to other institutions on Juneteenth Holiday Federal Holiday. So, below is the full list of institutions that were closed on Juneteenth. 

All the banks, post offices, shipping services, and schools were closed on the day of Juneteenth. Apart from this, all the DMVs meant the Department of Motor Vehicles was also closed. Other than this, the stock market and national restaurants were also closed, except for some restaurants and eateries that followed their rules. 


As a concluding thought, Juneteenth is one of the most important days for those who wish to banish slavery from society. And, Is Juneteenth a Bank Holiday in 2022? The question is highly justifiable by the people. We respect all your dilemmas and try to resolve them in the best way. 

All the collectible information present in this article is based on Internet research. Besides, to know more details about Juneteenth, click here. And, kindly comment on your ways of celebrating Juneteenth. 

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